GM 10-Speed Auto Spreading to 8 Models by 2018

GM 10-Speed Auto Spreading to 8 Models by 2018

General Motors plans to use its new 10-speed automatic transmission in eight different models by 2018. 

The 2017 Chevy Camaro ZL1 will be the very first car to offer the new 10-speed unit which was developed in conjunction with Ford. Mark Reuss, GM’s global product chief, revealed the info to Automotive News, though he wouldn’t elaborate on the other models getting the transmission.

Seeing as it is set up for high-power rear-wheel drive vehicles, GM’s trucks and SUVs are likely candidates to receive the transmission. A GM spokesprson did confirm that the eight-speed automatic currently found in Cadillac models and the Chevy Corvette will continue to be offered, so those cars may not end up with the 10-speed, at least for now.

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This 10-speed was developed with Ford alongside a new nine-speed transmission for front-wheel drive vehicles, though details on when that transmission will make it to dealerships has not been discussed.

The new Ford Raptor will be the first vehicle from the blue oval to use the 10-speed automatic.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • craigcole

    This ratio race is getting out of hand! Why do you need that many gears? I’d think eight would be plenty.

  • Nick Schroeder

    This was also long ago opined by cyclists when road bike gear count began increasing rapidly from 10 (2×5), to 2×11 and now with electronic actuation! This GM/Ford 10spd Xmission’s biggest revelation will be in its rapid shifts, which are reported to be nearly as quick as the sequential boxes found in F1 cars.

  • Tony Flores

    I would rather have a stick which you can only find in about 12 cars now, & very few of those would I want to drive.

  • Quix

    They need more ratios to compete with CVT transmissions on fuel economy. It was either this or use CVTs.