Hacker Uncovers Plan for Tesla P100D

Hacker Uncovers Plan for Tesla P100D

Tesla is more than likely working on a 100-kWh battery for its vehicles.

In the world of software, hackers cleverly datamine information to see what’s in the works, often times discovering unannounced product updates or additions to say, online video games.

Apparently the same can be applied to a vehicle’s firmware as hacker Jason Hughes has discovered an encrypted message pointing to a Tesla P100D variant. According to Hughes, “there have been configuration options in the firmware as early as about two months ago. With the latest 2.13.77 update [Tesla] included the badges for the P100D, among other things.  I’m very confident that it’s a real thing based on what I’ve seen of other things in previous versions of the firmware. For example, the ’90’ was in the firmware for some time prior to release looking at historic versions of the firmware acquired from other salvage [center displays],” he told Teslarati.

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Since revealing that he discovered the Tesla P100D hidden in the firmware, the American automaker has tried to remotely downgrade Hughes’ firmware to 2.12.45. Musk responded to Hughes’ tweet saying “wasn’t done at my request. Good hacking is a gift.” It seems like Musk doesn’t quite mind that Hughes discovered the P100D hidden in the firmware and in a way is applauding him for his efforts.

[Source: Teslarati]

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