Rendering of a Chevy Camaro Sedan is Blasphemous and We Love It


Sometimes, it’s fun to dream. 

Automotive artist Theophilus Chin has dreamed up a Chevy Camaro sedan and rendered it for the world to see. While this car has never even been hinted at by the company, it isn’t a total fantasy.

With the Chevy SS set to disappear this year, rumor has it that the car will get a second-generation model based on the Camaro’s platform. If that happens, it will essentially become a four-door Camaro, likely sharing the muscle car’s V8 engine, making this Camaro sedan render a possible preview of the next SS.

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If a new SS does materialize, it most certainly wouldn’t be badged as a Camaro sedan and it would definitely have its own unique styling, but this render could still serve as a template for that car.

And even if nothing comes of it, it is certainly fun to dream.

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  • Brien Jackson

    I’m surprisingly okay with this…

  • diehard

    I’d buy one if it weighed the same as the coupe.

  • Steve

    It looks like a charger. Just say no.

  • windel Vernon

    T Chin didn’t put much thought or imagination into the rear/side profile. The humped fender looks like a copy of the Dodge Charger. He could’ve carried the crease forward between the front window sill and door handle and fading it away at the side view mirror. That would’ve been distinctly Camaro.