Is Mercedes About to Buy One of the World’s Coolest SuperBike Companies?

Is Mercedes About to Buy One of the World’s Coolest SuperBike Companies?

Mercedes-Benz could be on the short list of possible companies to save MV Agusta.

One of the world’s premier manufacturers of exotic performance motorcycles, MV Agusta, has filed for “concordato in continuità,” which is an insolvency proceeding under Italian law for the restructuring of debt so that a company can continue operating. In other words, it’s like Chapter 11 in the U.S. MV Agusta reportedly owes 40-million euros ($44.8 million) to suppliers and banks, despite seeing a 30-percent sales growth last year. As a result of the filing, the company’s creditors have 90 days to accept the proposal.

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Currently, Mercedes-AMG owns a 25-percent stake in MV Agusta and it’s a possibility that the German automaker will increase its stake. Reports out of Italy say that the automaker and MV Agusta have been negotiating terms that would result in Mercedes-AMG having a majority share. The problem is, current president and 75-percent owner, Giovanni Castiglioni, is reluctant to give up control over the company.

Instead, Castiglioni might turn towards investors with private-equity firm Investindustrial being a potential partner. Investindustrial is the former owner of Ducati and is familiar with owning an Italian motorcycle manufacturer.


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