Does this Ram Spy Photo Show a Hellcat-Powered Raptor Fighter?


Ram could be planning to shove a 707-horsepower Hellcat engine into a pickup truck. 

Considering the brand is bringing the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk to market and is even showing a Hellcat-powered Wrangler Concept, it seems possible that the Ram brand would also make use of the motor. The large boost in sales the Charger and Challenger have seen thanks to the Hellcat is also apparently a driving factor behind Chrysler’s apparent plan to stick the Hellcat in everything it will fit in.

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In this set if spy photos, we see two trucks, a regular cab model and a crew cab, both of which are sporting a heavily modified front end. A large hood scoop and the removal of the front bumper certainly could mean there is a Hellcat under the hood, as they both provide the cooling necessary to run the big V8.

Unlike the last high-horsepower Ram, the V10-powered SRT10, this new truck may be more geared towards off-roading if these photos can be believed as both truck are wearing large off-road tires. That suggests that Ram might be going after the Ford Raptor with it’s new high-power off roader.

As of now, it certainly isn’t clear if a Hellcat-powered Ram is coming, but these prototypes definitely suggest that the brand is working on something.

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  • Patrick Jackson

    Still won’t touch the Raptor.
    love the hellcat engine though.

  • craigcole

    Hellcat Ram? HELL YEAH!

  • William Hinkle


  • Dave Foley

    In off road tests, the old RamRunner package already kicked the old Raptor’s butt, so I’m betting a Hellcat RamRunner would best the new Raptor too. After all, nothing exceeds liked excess!

  • Dan

    Those are solid front axle 3/4 ton trucks. Companies Carli Suspension and Thuren Fab make kits to turn any 3/4 or 1 ton Ram into a Raptor killer. Maybe Ram is catching on?