Liberty Mutual Will Inform Policyholders of Recalls

Liberty Mutual Will Inform Policyholders of Recalls

Liberty Mutual will start informing its policyholders if they have a pending recall on their vehicle.

The insurance company has announced a partnership with a third-party data provider that will help identify any open safety recalls announced in the past six months for their policyholders’ vehicles.

By using vehicle identification numbers (VINs) along with current customer contact information, the company will provide information to policyholders about a specific vehicle’s open safety recalls. Customers will also be able to login to their eService page to find up-to-date information to check whether their vehicle is impacted by a recall.

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Last year, a record number 51.26-million vehicles were called in the U.S. and Liberty Mutual wants to stress how important it is to have a recalled vehicle fixed. A recent study conducted by the company showed that 62 percent of those surveyed believed it’s the automaker’s responsibility to notify them if their car is recalled. In some cases however, car owners aren’t able to receive the first class mail notifications because they have either changed addresses or the vehicle has changed ownership.

By tying it in with your auto insurance, Liberty Mutual will always have recent information on your mailing address as well as your vehicle, so that they can inform you of any pending recalls.