Nissan Leaf Recalled Over Brake Issue

Nissan Leaf Recalled Over Brake Issue

Nissan is recalling around 47,000 Leaf electric cars to deal with a braking issue. 

The issue is brought on from extremely cold temperatures, which can freeze the relay inside the electronic brake booster, causing the entire brake system to switch to ‘assist mode.’ This increases braking distances and makes the pedal harder to push, increasing the risk of a collision.

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Customers who own a 2013-2015 Nissan Leaf will have to bring their cars into Nissan dealerships where software will be updated to make sure the brakes continue to function normally even if the booster is frozen.

This issue was initially launch as a voluntary service campaign which Nissan says resulted in 21,000 vehicles being fixed to date. Nissan upgraded the campaign to a recall after being urged to do so by Transport Canada.

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