Nissan’s Toyota 86 Fighter is On Hold Yet Again

Nissan’s Toyota 86 Fighter is On Hold Yet Again

Nissan has reiterated that plans to bring out a small sports car to compete with the Mazda MX-5 and Toyota 86 have been put on hold. 

At the recent New York Auto Show, Nissan executives confirmed to Auto Express that the GT-R and the Z sports car will both remain in the range, but plans to add a smaller sports car with a cheaper price tag have been shelved.

The issue according to Nissan senior VP and chief creative office, Shiro Nakamura, is the lack of a platform and the costs involved with developing a new one. “You need a proper platform because it has to be light and small and also affordable,” said Nakamura. “In reality that is not easy to find. It also has to be rear-wheel drive – if we make it front-wheel drive it would be cheating.”

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The idea of a small sports car was put forth most recently in the well-received IDx concept. Those wishing for a production version of the concept still have some hope though. “If we can find a good solution to produce something more affordable and light, we can bring it back,” he said.

Both the Toyota 86 and most recent Mazda Mx-5 were the result of collaboration between two companies, a strategy that helps both automakers split the cost of developing such a niche platform.

[Source: Auto Express]

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  • nbenoit

    Of course, they should split it with Mercedes.

  • Cody Beisel

    If they were to go fwd a fwd idx based on the mini chassis would be awesome and I would buy it in a heart beat. I can’t have a rwd car where I’m from but anything fwd and 2 door is perfect. Put in the 1.6 turbo from the juke nismo rs and you would have a winner

  • Kinetis

    I hear Toyota’s new global architecture platform supports RWD. 😀

  • DClark

    I’d suggest if they really can’t justify a separate platform, try basing it off the AWD Juke and using as many of its components as they can (except for the CVT). They have similar dimensions and while FWD might be a ‘cheat’, going AWD screams ‘Baby GT-R’. The Juke’s engines should also compete well against the 86 and Miata.