Poll: Which Genesis/Hyundai Concept Is Better?

Poll: Which Genesis/Hyundai Concept Is Better?

Hyundai, along with its premium Genesis brand, is kind of on a roll lately. 

Hyundai unveiled a bold concept last year at Pebble Beach called the Vision G to much fanfare. Its Genesis brand came out with a followup concept car at the New York Auto Show called, well, the New York Concept. Which Hyundai/Genesis concept do you like better? Let us know in the poll below.

BUT FIRST: Read more about the Hyundai Vision G here and the Genesis New York Concept here

  • windel Vernon

    The Vision’s beauty lies in the single line that runs the entire length of the car that probably houses the door handles and provides a perch for the side view mirror. It gives the car a flowing appearance. Beautifully imaginative design!

  • DubbuD

    I kind of wish the 2 had switched places. The Vision G would have been a beautiful Sedan, but doesn’t do it for me as a 2 door coupe. The new Genesis Concept is a beautiful car, but would make a better coupe imo.

  • Donnie Walsh

    The rear of both models looks unfinished and devoid of any thoughtful creativity.