Porsche 911 GT2 RS Mule Spied Testing in the Snow

A few years ago Porsche said there would be no 991-generation GT2 model, but it seems things have changed.

Recently Porsche GT boss Andreas Preuninger confirmed in an interview that the next-generation Porsche GT3 would get a manual transmission. In the same interview, he also revealed that the GT3 would remain naturally aspirated “for the foreseeable future,” and hinted that the upcoming GT2 RS would however be turbocharged. Now spy photographers have caught proof that a GT2 RS is indeed in the works and it will start with a 991 Turbo as its foundation.

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The company is trying to be a bit secretive about development on the GT2 RS model, but a big give-away on this prototype are the larger exhaust tips peeking from the rear of the car. Instead of the pair of trapezoidal-shaped tips we see on the current Porsche 911 Turbo, there are larger round tips to help make the flat-six engine breathe. The tips are so large in fact that the German automaker had to cut out extra space in the bumper to accommodate them.

Expect the new GT2 RS to be a 991 Turbo variant without the all-wheel drive and more power to go along with its aggressive aerodynamics and weight savings. The last-generation 911 GT2 RS sported around 620 horsepower so don’t be shocked if the new one creeps into the 700-hp territory. The big question is whether Porsche will outfit it with a manual transmission, considering the GT3 RS will stick to a PDK only.

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