Tesla Applies for Model 3 Trademark and it Looks a Lot Like an ‘E’

Tesla Applies for Model 3 Trademark and it Looks a Lot Like an ‘E’

Tesla is trying to get creative with the logo for its new Model 3.

It’s no secret that Tesla CEO Elon Musk wanted the lineup of his cars (Model S, Model 3 and Model X) to spell the out the word “SEX,” but the American automaker ran into a problem when Ford claimed the rights to Model E. At the time, Musk even said “Ford tried to kill sex.” Since then, the Model E has become the Model 3 and with its debut just around the corner, the company has applied for a trademark on its logo.

And although the media and all the marketing materials will refer to the vehicle as Tesla Model 3, its logo looks a lot like Tesla Model E. In fact, the “3” symbol in the application is literally the letter E from Tesla’s tesla-model-3-trademark-applicationlogo.

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The trademark application has the following for a description of the mark: “The mark consists of three equal length horizontal styled lines in the manner of a horizontal stylized roman numeral III. Coincidentally, it also resembles the Chinese symbol for the number 3, although when written out in Chinese, the three horizontal lines aren’t of equal length.”

Regardless, it seems that Tesla is adamant in trying to retain the idea that the Model 3 is really a Model E and it will be interesting to see if Ford lets it slide.

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