The Electric GT World Series will Race Teslas Starting in 2017

The Electric GT World Series will Race Teslas Starting in 2017

A new all-electric racing league has been announced. 

The Electric GT World Series is coming to a racetrack near you and will, at first, feature a field made up of Tesla Model S electric cars. Races will begin in 2017 and the league is aiming to have 10 teams compete at seven racetracks.

The base model for the race league will be the Model S P85 and P85+, as these are the best models suited for racing thanks to their rear-wheel drive setup. To prepare for the track, the cars will get improved braking, better aerodynamics, strengthened suspension, more cooling and the overall weight will be stripped down.

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The powertrain will remain stock, offering 416 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque.

Though for now the circuit will only consists of Model S sedans, the league is open to other brands joining in the future.

“We chose the Tesla Model S as it is a fantastic 100% electric high performance vehicle in mass production for the world market, but we encourage and welcome every car maker to join the Electric GT World Series,” said series co-founder Agustín Payá. “It would be fantastic to see other electric supercar manufacturers join the Electric GT World Series,” he said.

Races in the Electric GT World Series will start in Europe then come to America before finishing in Asia. No specific tracks have been confirmed yet, but Barcelona, Donington, Mugello and Estoril are all possibilities.