Mysterious, Unfixable ‘Chevy Shake’ Affecting Pickup Trucks Too


Looking at buying a Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra? You may be in for a turbulent ride.  

GM engineers can’t seem to pinpoint the cause of a mysterious recurring issue in vehicles riding on GM’s K2XX platform, which includes its full-size trucks and SUVs, a problem that was referred to by one dealer as “The Chevy Shake.” Because GM can’t isolate the cause of the problem, a permanent fix has also been elusive.

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In December, ran a report detailing buffeting and vibration issues found in some GM full-size SUVs after being contacted by an owner who was experiencing these problems. While investigating the SUV issue, another flaw with different GM vehicles surfaced repeatedly in online forums and in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s complaints sections: vibrations from the 2014 and 2015 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra.

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Customer Complaints

While SUV owners complain of buffeting causing headaches and dizziness, GM half-ton owners claim there is an insistent vibration in their trucks. “While driving at speeds above 45 mph, there is a vibration from the rear of the vehicle,” reads a complaint on the NHTSA database. “Dealer advised it was wheel balance and balanced the tires with no relief. Have since replaced all four tires with no relief.”


In total, there are 301 complaints on the NHTSA database concerning 2014 – 2015 Chevy Silverados and GMC Sierras, 31 of which are about the vibration, which equates to about 10 percent. There are no complaints regarding the 2016 model year trucks yet on the NHTSA database.

“The vehicle has an established, measurable and documented vibration problem that randomly increases and decreases in applitude (sic) and frequency at all speeds,” reads a NHTSA complaint. “GM is unable to resolve after 12 dealer attempts to address, including multiple sets of tires, rear differential, drive shafts and shock absorbers all failing to resolve the issue. GM stated vibration is inherent to the design and no further action needed or will be taken ever for vibration.”

Exactly like with the SUVs, a number of different fixes have been attempted according to these complaints, the most common being balancing of wheels and replacement tires. Also just like with the SUV issue, sometimes owners report that swapping the tires fixed the problem, while some say that no amount of dealership visits has improved the situation.

“Since about 15,000-18,000 miles, this truck vibrates at most speeds, most noticeable at 65 mph and over,” reads another complaint on the NHTSA database. “It is at the dealer for the second time. The first time all they did was balance the tires, but the problem didn’t go away. The dealer is still scratching their heads on this. The loaner 2015 I have is worse and vibrates at all speeds.”

Also like the SUV issue, there are a fair amount of forum users who report having no issue at all with their trucks, and once again, must point out that we have never felt abnormal vibrations in a General Motors pickup truck, and we have been in dozens of them.

Still, the outpouring of complaints across a variety of Internet platforms makes the problem hard to ignore.

We spoke with one Chevy customer, Nicholas Maratea, who purchased a 2014 Silverado High Country Crew Cab with the 5.3-liter V8 and 20-inch wheels on October 23, 2014. On a warm day in late February, Maratea noticed a shaking that he said “feels like driving on cobblestones,” at around 77 mph.

Maratea brought his truck into his service manager, where a long list of repairs was performed. First it was four new tires, which did not help. Then the truck was left behind for a week and the ring and pinion gears were changed. After that didn’t help, the truck stayed at the dealership for 20 days and received another set of tires and new ring pinion gears along with a road force balancing.

At this point, Maratea says the truck did not vibrate for roughly 50 miles before the issue returned.  He also noticed that one of his wheels had 24 wheel weights on it, a number much higher than normal. Two new shocks and an entire rear axle later, the truck was still shaking and a GM engineer was brought in to take the truck for a seven-day period.

At this point, GM agreed to buy back Maratea’s truck in exchange for a new one. Maratea ended up in a 2015 Silverado, which he says also has a very mild vibration.

Another GM pickup owner reached out by e-mail to share his story. “I am on my second truck with the issue. The first one spent 56 days of its first 6 months in the shop,” wrote Evan R. “They checked runout on all parts and deemed them in spec and kept replacing tires. Four sets of different brand tires and two sets of wheels and it still shook over 70 mph.”’s own forum for the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra have a number of threads full of customers who have stories that sound exactly like Maratea’s. In this thread, user pauly1119 says that three new sets of tires and three attempts to road force balance the truck didn’t help the vibration, while all of the 2016 model year loaners they drove also vibrated.

A quick YouTube search of “Silverado vibrations” turns up numerous videos that document the issue, with many owners filming water bottles or change to show exactly how much their trucks vibrate.

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One thread on contains over 560 pages all dedicated to the vibration.

What We Know About the Fix

Though many customers claim that their dealers have told them that the “truck is operating normally,” General Motors does acknowledge that there is a problem. In fact, it knows about a number of problems with its trucks.

A preliminary service bulletin has been issued, arming GM technicians with the information that GM engineering has on the vibration issue. Dated August 14, 2015, PI1354C extensively details all of the different processes that should be undertaken to try and fix the truck when a customer complains of vibration. obtained the bulletin through a GM technician.

“The purpose of this bulletin is to outline the recommendations and procedures for diagnosing and repairing vibrations caused by wheel and tire, axle components and/or propeller shafts,” the bulletin begins.


A GM technician’s first job is to go for a road test and use a device known as a PicoScope to detect vibrations and frequencies in the truck. After an on-road reading is finished, the technician is instructed to put the truck on jack stands or a hoist, remove the wheels and run it back up to the same speed it was vibrating at on the road with the PicoScope still attached. If the vibration is still present, the issue is in the powertrain or body, if the vibration is gone, it is a wheel or tire issue.

Once the vibration is found, there are six different separate problem categories it can fall into:

  1. 1st Order Tire (Freq 11-14 hz at 60 mph)
  2. 1st Order Prop Shaft (Freq 38-44 hz at 60 mph)
  3. 2nd Order Prop Shaft (Normally a launch shudder or left under hard acceleration)
  4. 3rd Order Tire Combined with 1st Order Prop (Creates a phasing boom)
  5. Vibration Felt in Four-Cylinder Mode (V6 only)
  6. Vibration Felt at Idle

Each of these conditions has a different set of supposed fixes, that mostly start with road force balancing but can also include the re-tightening of body mounts, correcting pitchline runout, correcting driveline angles, replacing driveshafts, inspecting the ring and pinion gears for issues and more.

Download Bulletin PI1354C Right Here

In the bulletin, GM says that there have been “many cases” of dented driveshafts, yet another possible cause for the vibration.

And after all that work is performed, the truck still might not be fixed. “Once all areas of vibrations has been reduced, if there is still vibration that the customer is concerned about, the following diagnosis maybe helpful to determine if a shock issue exists,” reads the bulletin.

2014 Chevrolet Silverado LT Z71

The “shock issue,” is that some shocks used on Z71-trim pickup trucks were made with contaminated shock oil, causing them to dampen incorrectly. GM says that these shocks do not cause the vibration, but if the truck is vibrating, it only makes it worse. The contaminated units were all produced before May 27, 2014, which means only early model year 2014 trucks will have them.

What is GM Saying About This?

We asked General Motors if they could provide us with more information on the truck vibrations.

“GM is aware of customer concerns regarding a buffeting noise in certain full-size trucks,” said Nick Richards, GM product development communications manager in a response to our query. “GM does not believe this is a safety issue. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and any customers with a vehicle exhibiting these conditions should visit their GM dealer for vehicle inspection and potential repair under warranty.”

So What’s the Answer?

Unless it is deemed a safety issue, GM is not obligated to recall the trucks. And the detailed information bulletin shows that the brand is working to correct the problem.

But until the root cause of the Chevy shake can be pinpointed, owners of these pickup trucks will have to continue driving their vibrating pickups and deal with seemingly endless visits to the shop.


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  • KT

    Well done.

  • wcjeep

    Ford Explorer had a similar issue in the late 90’s. The rear axle C clips were slightly out of tolerance.

  • Nate

    Owner of a 2015 Sierra Z71 here. I bought my truck new, and didn’t shake for the first 5,000 miles. Now it shakes at highway speeds 65+ mph. The dealer has balanced the tires and that has not stopped the shaking.

  • craigcole

    Great original reporting. In any event, this isn’t good for Chevrolet or GM. I hope they can figure out what’s going on here.

  • Steven Rohrlich

    I have a 14 silverado z71 that vibrates above 60 mph. I brought it to the dealer for service the other day and asked them to look into it and a clunk that happens when I get off and back on the gas. They said that there is nothing wrong with the truck. The clunk is normal and they couldn’t duplicate the vibration. When I go back so they can install a new trailer hitch that was on recall and install a new seat heater I’m going to show them this article and see what they do. Another issue is with the head system. It always blows out of the defroster no matter where I direct it and when I press the button to close the recirculating air still comes throug. They also said that is the normal operation of it. It’s very aggravating.

  • Steven Rohrlich

    I meant to say hvac and recirculation. I apologize for the poor spelling and grammar. Damn spell check.

  • Seth Herrold

    Not sure this is the cause in all cases, but my 2014 Silverado was
    vibrating badly at over 70 mph on the interstate the other day. After
    pulling off and spending 20 minutes digging dirt out of the 20″ wheels
    with a screwdriver, I got back on and the thing ran as smooth as the day
    I took it off the dealership lot at 70, even up to 80 never had a
    shake. I live on a gravel road and occasionally the dirt gets built up
    in the wheels and causes a vibration. I suppose there is a chance these
    dealerships are replacing tires or balancing them without cleaning out
    the wheels. Not sure if it will help, but it did for mine. Truck has
    62,000 miles on it and runs smooth as my wife’s car with clean wheels.

  • Gambit66

    I have a 2015 Silverado V6—–It`s not the tires, rims, pinion angle, drive shaft, rear end, front end, shocks, etc…… It`s in the power train, period! Open your hood, (took me awhile to finally look under the hood too) with your truck in park, motor running. You can see the whole motor, trans, vibrates! I videoed it, and its bad. When it started vibrating while at a stop light, that’s when I decided to open the hood. One person on here I think nailed the problem, Posted by Brandon1282 on / After completing all tests found that TCM could not be ‘pulse-width’ tested, only command on or off. With these measurements we determined that the TCM was sending an erratic signal causing the torque converter to be commanded erratically. This caused potential damage to torque converter. Therefore, I replaced the TCM (Signal) and torque converter (damaged internally). Road tested vehicle; now operating to GM specifications with no vibration when tested under the original conditions.

    ​​I knew it wasn’t tires or rims when it first started a week after I bought it. Tach is not steady, even at idle, same vibration, but even harder when it down shifts when slowing down.

    No power train should be vibrating like this, especially in park at idle. No way to post the video on here, or I would.

    Already gave GM there last chance to own up to the problem, tech said everything all the others said on here, it`s up to specs. the dishonesty is apparent from GM tech, the dealer techs, the owner of the dealership, and of course the all trust worthy salesperson. Not!

    The first test drive the head service tech admitted it was the power train on the test drive, and pointed out it was the torque converter. also said the transmission is to big for this engine, and that the V8`s don`t vibrate as bad. Wow! But when you get them back to the dealership, mums the word. They blamed it on the tires. second time they kept it for 15 days, even put a new rim on, and tire. The loaner was exactly like mine, except it was a 2016 with a 5.3 V8. It vibrated too with the same whining sound from the trans area. Third time road with a tech who claimed he fixed it by road force balancing the tires, no it`s not the tires I told him, and he explained on the ride along with me that mine was one that didn’t have it as bad as others he has ridden in. But back at the dealership, it`s up to specs and there is nothing more they can do. Amazing! Oh and the loaner they had for me the third time, was a $50.000 crew cab 2016 5.3 V8. Same vibration in it as well. sad!

    Luckily our lemon law here is pretty strict and supports the consumer, final demand replace and/or refund letter is coming your way GM

    Have been buying GM vehicles all my life, have 3 now. 1972 Custom 10 Reg Cab long box, 2011 Equinox, 2015 Silverado reg cab long box, I call the vibrator! Our 72 C-10 which has been in the family since 1974, makes the new truck seam like a fictional GM product.

    Disgusting dishonesty being displayed by GM, and it`s dealerships!

    P.S. They first claimed that it`s a characteristic of all the trucks, lol! That needs to be on the window sticker then, because I`m not going to purchase a brand new truck that vibrates

  • Shelby

    I’ve had a similar vibration issue with other vehicles. Turned out to be front and rear axles were not in exact alignment. Wheel bases were slightly different from side to side. You can actually check this yourself with a string line run through the axle centers and measure the distance very precisely between the axle centers.

  • Jim Farnsworth

    Oh how I love the responses. ” As designed” “They all do it”. “It’s normal”. Deny, deny. No body will take ownership of the problem. why not I’m sorry, I will do what I can to find a solution.

  • Jim Farnsworth

    Our engineers spent countless hours and resources to design this annoying aspect of the vehicle. We find it rather endearing.

    All vehicles have this annoying attribute, nobody but you is aggravated by this. It’s always been apart of driving.

    Your vehicle is normal, your being bothered by this is because you are abnormal.

  • stan Braczynski

    Vibrations over 70 MPH – Page 115 – Chevy and GMC Duramax …

  • Tom Browning

    I had the same vibration issue in my 2015 Silverado and after 7 visits, 30 days in the shop, 4 new tires, and 2 new rear shocks and still having the problem I contacted a lemon law lawyer. The dealership had another engineer coming to the shop to look at my truck and GM found out (from the service manager) that I’d spoken to a lawyer and they cancelled the engineer and stated they wouldn’t fix my truck anymore (which was a breach of contract). I opened my warranty booklet and contacted the BBB like it suggests.

    2 months later after my meeting with the BBB, GM, and a GM district manager; the BBB ruled in my favor and I got a FULL refund minus a small mileage charge from the miles that I first reported the problem.

    I’m so glad to be rid of this Shakerado. I would strongly recommend anybody having this problem to document everything thoroughly and to contact the BBB and to contact a lemon law lawyer. You have nothing to lose except for a shaking truck. I couldn’t see paying for something that was defective. I won’t buy another GM product for a long while.

  • Don Falloon

    Not anything to offer, but I have to say I’m damned impressed that the discussion on here has focused on the issues and not become a fanboy insult-fest. There may be hope for the human race yet…

  • redbloodedxy

    Simple solution: grab the keys, clean out your stuff, take the truck back to the dealer, call cab, go to Ford dealer, problem solved.


  • Denise Levesque-Miller

    Having all these issues on my 2014 AT. They have done the balancing, several times, two new front tires, tomorrow two new rear shocks that have apparently failed…all this at 33,000 kms. I would get rid of this truck if I could. I endearingly call it my 50,000 dollar vibrator

  • VulpineMac

    What are the possibility of suspension links such as springs, sway bar, pivots, pretty much the general structure of the suspension itself?

  • bourbon

    Just dropped my 2016 5.3 V-8 Z71 with 1,577 miles on it at the shop for the vibration above 70 mph. Also noticed the dip in RPMs while at stop sign or red light. This after having the upper control arm assembly recall repaired about 2 weeks ago. Always nice to have a brand new truck in the shop twice before the first oil change. Will report back when I hear from the dealership.

  • Robert

    I’m glad I saw this- I think I’m going to hold off on buying a new Sierra.

  • fiveHats

    my 2014 has this problem, and it is much, much, MUCH worse than the video. Don’t buy one.

  • fiveHats

    it’s all in the rear or beginning in the trans. the steering wheel has no wobble at all.

  • VulpineMac

    Anybody try to see if it might be the wheels themselves? Those 20″-22″ rims are highly susceptible to damage from bumps and potholes with those no-sidewall tires. Pretty easy to lose balance especially on a part with such a large diameter.

  • fiveHats

    i have 18.” The dealer wants to do all sorts of tests, claims he can fix it. I told him I was aware of all the tests he wants to do and that I would play along, but I wasn’t going to settle for anything less than an absolute fix.

  • VulpineMac

    Look at it this way: Based on the article and all the discussion I’ve read, the most logical cause is either rotational balance or…perhaps… exhaust related; i.e. exhaust pipe mounted too rigidly and thus transferring engine exhaust pulses into the body. A way to sense for that easily is to see if the vibration occurs at a certain engine speed vs wheel speed. If it’s engine-speed related, exhaust or the front end of the tranny (or maybe engine itself) are the more logical culprits.

    If it’s wheel-speed related, pretty much everything behind the tranny, including drive shaft, differential, axles and wheels. Shock absorbers are the least likely cause, though may be an early symptom as they work overtime to minimize vibration going into the body. Spin-balancing wheel and tire, first off the car/truck, then on, may help to detect the cause and is a notably low-tech method that should be easy to implement and not require highly-specialized equipment; the hardware has been in standard use for 50 years if not more.

    People are becoming too dependent on computer technology and forgetting the old analog methods of troubleshooting. I ran into this in the USAF back in 1977 when as a new Airman on base, I was assigned a certain hangar queen aircraft with a radio problem nobody had been able to fix. In less than 30 minutes I had confirmed that all the standard fixes had been previously performed, after which the techs gave up on the task. A small but very logical observation inspired me to perform one, single, analog test: eyeball or resistance-check a single wire. One hour after being assigned the task, the plane was flight-ready; the radio worked perfectly. My point? Certified techs are becoming “trained monkeys”. They can’t think beyond what their computers tell them, even when the answer is so obvious that a little old-style thought would solve the problem.

  • fiveHats

    I hope it is this simple, but after reading the GM service bulletin and other responses, no one has a clue or they are not telling for fear of cost. I do not see where anyone has been successful getting this fixed.

  • VulpineMac

    I would suggest sticking to Occam’s Razor: “Among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected.”

    Or, as Sherlock Holmes once put it, “‘How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains,however improbable, must be the truth?’”

  • Phone Renew

    I have this same problem with a 2014 Silverado. Problem was noticed immediately but dealer advised I needed to wait 500 miles so the problem could work itself out. Now after 1-1/2 year and 5 multi-night stays at the dealer I’m just going to file a lemon law claim for them to buyback the vehicle. I was disappointed GM didn’t offer a better resolution than suggesting to change tires each time. What happens when this service is no longer covered by the warranty?

  • fiveHats

    as it turns out my problem was as simple as proper tire balancing! The dealer told me I needed four tires, but I knew that was incorrect since I got no vibration in the steering wheel. They told me my tires were so bad they were shaking the truck instead of the steering wheel. (Seriously.) They insisted that my tires could not be road force balanced. I called the tire manufacturer, and they told me to take the truck to a tire dealer. They said they take my type call every day and that dealers are notorious for not knowing what to do about tires. (It could be they do not care.) I took it to the tire dealer and sure enough two tires in the rear needed to be turned on the rim to line up the wheel to the tire. They said they dealer put over ten oz. on one wheel, and they even stacked the weights on top of each other! The tire dealer balanced them and the whole problem is gone. Cost: $68, not $1000 for four tires. I bet this is the problem for a whole lot of people, I at least I hope so. The fix took 1 hour. The dealer had my truck 9 days.

  • fiveHats

    hear this, I hope it helps: as it turns out my problem was as simple as proper tire balancing! The dealer told me I needed four tires, but I knew that was incorrect since I got no vibration in the steering wheel. They told me my tires were so bad they were shaking the truck instead of the steering wheel. (Seriously.) They insisted that my tires could not be road force balanced. I called the tire manufacturer, and they told me to take the truck to a tire dealer. They said they take my type call every day and that dealers are notorious for not knowing what to do about tires. (It could be they do not care.) I took it to the tire dealer and sure enough two tires in the rear needed to be turned on the rim to line up the wheel to the tire. They said they dealer put over ten oz. on one wheel, and they even stacked the weights on top of each other! The tire dealer balanced them and the whole problem is gone. Cost: $68, not $1000 for four tires. I bet this is the problem for a whole lot of people, I at least I hope so. The fix took 1 hour. The dealer had my truck 9 days

  • VulpineMac

    May not work for everyone, but I’m betting a visit to the tire shop would fix most of them.

  • Mark

    Dont go to ford, i have a 2016 f250 4wd drive, 10,000 miles. It vibrates at multiple speeds and has a notorious rear end hop at 45-55 mph. Im reading these post because i was planning to trade my ford for a chevy. Not now.

  • Cole Shiflet

    Im pleased that this issue is finally getting traction. I was a chevy truck loyalist for 20 years until my purchase of a new ’14 siverado (at the time). In summary: 2 trucks, 4 sets of different tires ( out of my pocket ), 2 trannys, balancing tires including “road-force”, drive shaft, axle, harmonics, etc….
    The amount of time, money, inconvenience, and frustration from this issue that I incurred is substantial.
    Finally I had enough. Took my truck and traded it in on a new F150. I was content taking the 15k hit from that transaction as my main concern was to rid myself of anything associated with Chevy.
    Prior to this, I really had no position surrounding the Chevy “bailout” that spawned much controversy. Now, I do.
    Over the past 1.5 years, I periodically check the chevy forums regarding the vibration/shake issue to only find that Chevy and their ethics remain in the COMPLETE disregard for the very people that advocated on their behalf.
    I feel awful for the people who’s money has been wasted and for the way we have been treated.
    I don’t make much money. It became clear to me that I was going to have no bearing on the way Chevy handles their business. However, I do have choice in what I drive and where my money goes, so me and my money went elsewhere and will never be coming back.

  • Phil

    I have 7000 miles on my 2016 and exactly the same problems. 2 dealers have told me they cannot reproduce the problems while on test rides. I am thinking the new Cummins/Nissan my solve my vibration.

  • Chris mal

    Same issues, test drove it around the local area, no highway, its a brand new vehicle right? Vibrated on the highway on the way home, no problem. Take it in the next day, tires balanced. No help. Next day they adjust my tire pressures. Surprisingly (sarcasm intended) it was no help. Next visit was 2 days, couldn’t get the tires balanced. Still vibrated. Last visit was for 10 days all tire balance attempts, was told it tested fine from 50-70, which wasn’t the primary issue, and it was within GM spec.
    Rapidly losing interest in doing business with Chevrolet/GM at this point.

  • Gabe Salles

    its far from normal. ive put 100k+ miles on nissan and mitsubishi and no vehicle ive ever ridden in has shaken like this

  • roman

    I just purchased 2016 sierra 1500 about a month ago. Truck got under 400 miles and it was the smoothest ride I could ever imagine until 2 days ago. I started feeling the vibration from tires traveling all the way to the driver seat. I drive about 25 miles to work and I can’t believe I”m getting dizzy and sick on my stomach by the time I get there. Especially driving on smooth road vibration is felt more than ever and it is constant does not stop. I’m going to see the service department and the salesman that sold it to me. We see what happens. Will post update after today’s visit.

  • roman

    What did they find out? I have 2016 sierra 1500 V-8 with 400 miles and started to feel vibration. I’m also taking it to the dealer today to have it checked out.

  • Steve

    Just leased my 2016 sierra 1500 about 6 month ago. Hate the vibration and can’t wait for my 3 years to come up. Thought they would care about customer satisfaction a bit more but when I returned it back to the dealer they said we know about it and they get 10 calls a day but nothing they can do. Really, GM can’t find the issue after 2 years since this has been happening with the 2014 models also. Really, so if you can’t find the issue why continue making the same truck without changing something. Very disappointing that GM is not even sending out a letter to all owners apologizing for their mistake.

  • Paul M

    Just traded my 2013 Z71 in for a 2016 LTZ Z71 with factory 22″s . It has less than 500 miles on it, ~250mi by the dealership test driving after trying to fix the shake. They have had it two hours the Monday after I bought it then for 3 full days last week. First the shake happened at 63mph, very aggressive shake, now after 2 hours + 3 days in the shop if shakes at 73 MPH. the 22s have balancing lead all over the rims (plus a couple nice scratches). Now been waiting 2 days for the Service Manager to contact me with where we go from here. 3rd Z71. Very disappointed.

  • roman

    So I left my truck at the dealer for 2 days and they replaced two tires saying that vibration was coming from it. There explanation was that the track was sitting a long time in the lot and it created soft spots. They also balanced the other two wheels. For now it fixed the problem with vibration but now I’m taking the truck back because of the wheel is scratched. One thing after another.

  • Sprotty

    I traded in my 2015 Silverado 2500HD 6.0 with 50,000 miles that had zero issues, and purchased a 2016 2500 HD duramax 6.6 that has had a shake from the start. After taking it back to the dealer several times for the shake with no resolution, after tires, several road force balances and many inspections, I was finally told by the dealer their hands were tied, there was nothing more they could do. They told me I would have to file a claim with GM customer care and go from there. I called and filed a claim, GM told me what I wanted to hear and said they would resolve this issue. They told me that they would contact the dealer and then the dealer would have 24 hours to get back to them. Two weeks later I decided I was fed up and would not be played anymore. I called the lemon law attorneys and filed a claim with them. They needed all service receipts and some vehicle info to decide if I had a viable claim. They determined I did and we are moving forward with this. My plan is to have GM buy back this truck and replace it with the exact same truck minus the vibration. At $65,000 I do not have the money to replace the truck on my own, you would think GM would stand behind their most popular trucks before customers lose hope, feel cornered and contact lawyers. You’d actually think they would not have these issues in the first place, but it looks like chevy may not be many people’s first, second or even third choice anymore.

  • humaid

    hi all, I used to have a 2014 … I sold it and purchase the 2015 … both are shacking like an old Russian Helicopter.
    I am an engineer … and I believe the issue is not in the tyres or body of the truck looseness , the problem is the shock and leaves and spring compensation …. because … when I drive at smooth road the vibration become better … meaning that the shock absorbing system is not doing its work when it needed.
    that’s only a personal idea and wishing that this vibration issue solved before other truck get more buyers than Silverado and sierra.
    that’s for G.M information.

  • humaid


  • Beau Betbeze

    I have a 2013 gmc sierra,new rims ,new tires ,2 balance and still had the shake.Road force balance seems to have fixed it ,we will see .

  • William Robert (tycotoys)

    Had dealer install Michelin Defender LTX on 2014 Sierra Crew and no more shake, smooth as glass.

  • onefeather

    The Silverado is not what they say it is, they also have bad seats that are like sitting on a wagon, hard and the padding is awful. [2015].

  • Patrick Michaud

    In October of this year (2016), I test drove 8-10 2016 Chevy Silverados at Muzi Chevy located in Needham, Massachusetts. Every one of the trucks had the vibration problem. Some more pronounced than others. When I asked the salesman and sales supervisor (Lou) what the problem was, I was told that it may be the tires, but they weren’t sure. There is no way that the sales force doesn’t have any idea that these Silverados have a vibration problem. This is unfair and deceptive and this vibration problem should be disclosed to prospective buyers. I intend to do whatever I can do to inform unsuspecting buyers of this problem and the dealers deceptive actions. So wrong.

  • Patrick Michaud

    I forgot to mention that after I test drove the trucks I googled the silverados and found the “Chevy shake” article. Luckily, I saw the article before buying a $30k plus truck.

  • Jim

    I just purchased a 2016 about 6 weeks ago and I have 1023 miles on it and today I was just getting onto the interstate and I heard and felt a small vibration then an explosion from my truck the drive shift just broke into and destroying everything in its path. The problem looks like the drive shaft aluminum thickness is very,very thin to be a drive shaft I’m saying it looks as thin
    as an exhaust pipe not what you would think you would want to be driving at highway speeds with. I wasn’t going more than 55mph luckily I was able to keep it from rolling over and into other traffic. I called the dealer to have it towed and I’m waiting for Monday to talk to the managers and find out what is the problem very scared at this point about getting it fixed or a new truck. I have pictures if anyone is interested Jim Gentry

  • DaveS.

    i have a 2015 Silverado C.C. with 24,000 miles…never had a vibration at any speed, and I drive the turnpike at 70+ mph…until I had the truck at dealer for 3 recalls and the last free oil change and tire rotation…
    I actually made 2 100+ mile trips on the turnpike, after that, and didn’t have the problem…
    a couple days later, got on the turnpike, and the vibration was terrible @ 70+…pulled off and checked the lugnuts, but all were tight…
    continued on my 20 mile trip, and before returning, put it in and out of 4WD a few times…
    no vibration on the way back…
    before getting back on the highway, I did notice some odd shifting, that never happened before, and twice saw the tach jump up a couple hundred rpm when shifting between 3rd and 4th gear…
    back on the turnpike yesterday, the vibration wasn’t as bad, and seemed to come and go…

  • 655321

    What a shame, really nice truck otherwise.

  • 655321


  • Duramax

    2016 2500HD Duramax, Getting the vibration at around 70-80mph. Third time at dealer for the same issue. 1st “balance”, 2nd ” Road Force Balance”. I dropped off today told them to keep it until its fixed. Getting Tired of dealing with it. Anyone have any updates?

  • LisaM

    i just bought a 2016 Sienna 1500 on Dec 19, 2016 Been in the service department 3x now do to this “shake”. Going thru the motions now. A hard balance, Road Force Balance, oh and not to mention the radio died, and they replaced that. Now coughs* we are on the ordered tires for you phase. This is disgusting to know. I did my research and thought it was thorough. I am beyond myself that i would spend so much money on a truck that has this issue and they knew about it. My test drive never went over 47 mph. Not until i already bought it and went on the highway. i called the next day. The truck has been in there since then. The sad part is they act like they have no idea why it shakes, had the service manager even take it home. He said he only feels it due to the different asphalt on the road? Are you kidding me? Just disgusted.

  • Lukeh

    2016 F-150 Lariat Supercrew here. I also have a major vibration at 70 mph. Two sets of tires and a new driveshaft and it’s still there. The transmission also slams hard on downshift. There are a lot of 2015-16 F-150 owners reporting the problem on the message boards. Told it’s normal. Yeah right.

  • Tom Eng

    Mercedes G wagon is shaped like a box and don’t have any problems.

    GM should make a call to germany and get help.

  • Michael Lord

    My 2014 gmc sierra shakes so bad at 60 65 that your hands start tingling. I can no longer drive on any long distance trips. I have to rent a car to drive. It is so annoying that i cannot drive my 40k truck and really enjoy it

  • Kevin Weidner


  • Mike B

    As someone who owns a 2015 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab with a 5.3L and an automatic transmission I have been interested in following this vibration issue even though I have never experienced any problem or problems with my truck.
    After having clicked on the link to the GM bulletin and after having read part way though I stopped because I was surprised by two, what I took to be, glaring errors in GM’s diagnostic procedure. I say this based on my experience as having worked in the driveline/driveshaft manufacturing industry for many years and having many years experience in chasing down and diagnosing driveline vibration problems.
    The first standout problem I noticed was that GM, in their bulletin, says that when testing the vehicle on jack stands or hoist to place the transmission in M5 in order to eliminate fuel management as being an issue. But unless you have done the test drive in M5 or drive around in M5 all the time then fuel management must be considered as a possible cause and must be taken into account when attempting to isolate the vibration in the shop using the electronic diagnostic equipment. To physically eliminate any one or more real world possible contributing scenarios from the diagnostic procedure skews the results.
    The second standout problem, and at this point I stopped reading the bulletin, was the section about checking propeller shaft, driveshaft, run out. The GM bulletin instructs the tech to check run out while the driveshaft is still installed on the vehicle. If done in this manner you are not getting actual driveshaft run out measurements. What you are getting are a combination of measurements. What is being read, if say done at the rear differential, are a combination of driveshaft and rear pinion run out numbers. Not very accurate and completely meaningless. The driveshaft should be check separately off of the vehicle and the rear diff pinion should be checked for run out on it’s own.
    Given just these two items it is clear that GM has not yet seriously addressed this issue nor have they seriously admitted that there is a problem. When they do actually admit that there is a real problem and do actually bring in people experienced in diagnosing and isolating vibrations and there causes then a solution will be found to this problem.

  • lightspeed

    yesterday my 2014 Sierra SLT started shaking for the first time. 32,700 miles.
    Every day i drive 25 miles to work and set my cruise at 77 mph and have never once had an issue.
    yesterday it started and is now constant at speeds above 70 mph.
    My appointment with the dealer is today, lets see where this goes….

  • lightspeed

    my problem went from a smooth ride on Tuesday to a whole truck shaking experience on Wednesday. i find it hard to accept that all four wheels went bad in 24 hours. maybe one tire and if it were just one it should be easily detected by where you feel the vibration.
    My steering wheel shakes, the center console shakes, the door shakes and my seat feels like im in an angry massage chair.
    and the tires have plenty of tread on them, were properly rotated every 3500-5000 miles and only have 33k miles on them.

  • lightspeed

    i had a 2005 Ford F-150 Lariat that was dealer maintained like clockwork. it was very well taken care of.
    It died at 95k with a blown engine and Ford just shrugged.
    They dont honor their customers purchases any more than anyone else.
    they blew me off for over 50k miles on the cam phasers, told me it was normal. at 75k when it was out of warranty they robbed me of $3500 to fix them. 20k later clicking started again and engine blew.
    and we wont even get into the extra charge of $80 per broken spark plug fiasco because they refused to recall piss poor two piece spark plugs.
    So forgive me if i dont get on board with the Ford is superior BS.

  • VulpineMac

    Illogical argument. Such a shift in one day implies something that should be very obviously broken. All four wheels could me something as simple as ice or mud on the wheels themselves and with the lack of detail in your complaint it would be impossible to determine any specifics without a personal test drive. For all you know, it could be a bent driveshaft or u-joint bearings. It could even be something as simple as a balancing weight that slipped or fell off. Without specifics, there’s no way to give any kind of a diagnosis.

  • Elias Perez


    My Driveshaft just broke on Thursday!! I have a 2016 Silverado. It first started on the back yoke where it enters the differential. Looks like the straps broke on deceleration and all hell broke loose. There is something VERY BAD about these driveshafts. I also owned a 2014 prior to this and it had the same Shaking problem. The Engineers are Chevy are NOT doing their homework.

  • Dawayne

    Mine did the same from mile 10 I just changed the I joints and it’s better but still soaked, I’m thinking of contacting a lawyer

  • Dawayne

    Yes pics. I’m thinking of getting a lawyer

  • Tim Sloan

    I might as well post my comment on this too! This is one option I sure wish I had not had with my 16 Silverado.. but sounds like its becoming a standard option. same issue as most..vibrates,…or shakes rather at@ 70mph …but you can still fill it at other speeds as well,just not as much. and same story with the dealership..they act as if theyve never heard of this problem..even though Ive read other complaints coming from buyers who went to the same dealership as me! It truly is disgusting how dishonest they are being about it. After 5 trips and weeks of GM having my truck …its still there..and the “GM Cares” rep said they will no longer service my truck for this issue since there is no “failing component” found. so,basically, its the “GM doesnt Care” line.

  • JM M

    I own 2015 Yukon XL. Vibrates whenever engine switches to V-4 mode. Worst between 25 and 55 mph. Once it switches back to V-8 the vibration stops. I would say it’s extreme…maybe not as bad as the Silverados with the shaking and all, but definitely bothersome. It also has hesitation when you first take off after it’s been setting for awhile. Randomly hesitates on the road. Been to the dealership thing….they cant ever figure anything out. It’s pretty pathetic when a company that engineers and develops a vehicle can’t even figure it out??? In this modern day and age?? I was going to get a Silverado soon but I’m definitely going to reconsider. GM for some reason has gone downhill.

  • Easter Bunny

    By accident I bought a 2016 Dodge Laramie. The Ford dealership owner never showed up at my appointment for me to drive a 2016 Lariat, didn’t want a Chevy. Thanx Easter Bunny. No vibrations PERIOD.

  • Alisha Wright

    Just bought a 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 and having this same issue. When you pay that much for a truck, you shouldn’t have this type of issue to deal with. The truck only has 36k on it. They should halt the sells of these trucks until they figure out the reason- behind this. I read that in order for a recall to be made it has to be a safety concern- well if they don’t know what is causing it- how do they know if it is safe or not!!!

  • David Privitt

    This is crazy! I have a 97 GMC Suburban 4×4. Bought it 3yrs ago with 140,000. Was shaking when I bought it. Put new rims and tires, all new front suspension, shocks, brakes etc. Kept shaking above 70mph, bad dash shimmy shake. Finally took it to a reputable shop today. They looked over everything. They took it for a spin over 80 and felt the vibration. They checked ball joints, bearings front rear, rear axels, rims, tires, driveline which is custom one piece aluminum, front rear yolks, yolk splines, cv axels, u joints etc. etc….Anyway, when they called me to come get it, they said everything was perfect and tuned in tight. I asked what was wrong, they said, “You got the Chevy Shake!” Yes the Chevy Shake has been around since the 90’s and still going strong. I love my Burb but when its days are done, I will buy a Toyota.

  • Jock Russell

    2015 LTZ Z71 Im on the third set of Michelin Defender LTX tires that have been road forced and balanced by the best. The faster I drive the worse it vibrates. Two Chevy dealers and five visits and no fix they just agree they are plagued with the problem.

  • Jock Russell

    Have you contacted Chevy to see what they have to say? Mine has been in the shop 5 times at two dealer ships they are aware of the problem but they are not getting help from Gm. If I have to I’m getting a lawyer and going to make sure people stop buying Gm trucks.

  • Alisha Wright

    We have contacted the GM dealer and they are wanting to do the things named in this article. I feel like it’s a huge waste of time that I cannot afford to loose because I do have a job. They couldn’t promise me a user car for sure on the day I was suppose to bring it in, in which I was already leaving work early for. So I’m really at a loss at what to do right now at this point. We have already balanced tires, put different tires on and I don’t feel like I should be coming out of pocket anymore for this- when it was having this issue when I bought it. Extremely upset!!

  • Kirk Kinnell

    Now see i was wondering about this as my truck is lowered……Interesting

  • JamesG

    2010 GMC Sierra 5.3 vortec, runs like brand new.

    Here is what GM needs to do: Scrap the garbage 5.3L ecotec3 and return to the proven 5.3L vortec. Reverse engineer this issue, take a piece of the truck off, run the truck, if the vibrating happens remove another piece, run it, rinse and repeat till the vibrating stops…. and there is the faulty piece.

  • Blake Tibbetts

    I have also bought a 2016 Silverado and have the same problem, haa anyone begun a class action law suit?

  • John Gedney

    try this. Get on the highway and turn off your limited slip. Pull down into manual mode and put truck in 6th gear. bring vehicle to 70 mph and see if the problem is gone. If gone put truck back into auto mode and see if it returns.. Its a computer issue with the torque converter. Its a smart truck acting dumb. It can’t figure out if it ends to lock the converter….. push GM to look into this. or ask them to disable the 4 cyl. mode. best j

  • Tim Sloan

    I’ll give it a try. Just happened to take it to Goodyear last week for an unbiased opinion… he test drove it on the highway…got it to vibration point, and put it in neutral and the vibration went away…said that eliminated the wheels/tires as the cause. He guessed that it was the drive shaft out of balance, or something with the rear end…so I took it to a different Chevy dealership yesterday , which that service manager (Days Chevy in Acworth) was a lot more honest about it. He rode with me, acknowledged the vibration, then took premium wheels with a different brand of tires off another truck,put them on mine, test drove it again, and the problem is still there. (he did this just to prove it wasn’t the wheels) He knows this is an issue ,and apparently they don’t know how to fix it… when I asked him what he would do if he were the buyer… he said arbitration is the only solution at this point because no matter what dealership I take it to, they are just going to balance the tires and send me on my way. He also mentioned that this truck has a heavy duty suspension ,and the truck is just too light for it..IF I were to be hauling a huge amount of weight,then it would go away. But ,as he said, most truck owners aren’t hauling a ton of gravel or steel like they show in the commercials lol

  • Jcardona

    I have a 2015 Chevy Silverado double cab with only 30,000 miles notice the vibration shaking after two months of purchasing the vehicle. I didn’t pay no mind to it just thought maybe a off-balance tire. Eventually get the tires alignment redone which didn’t solve the problem at all. Anyhow the vibration was it no biggie to me there’s always going to be something wrong with the vehicle nothing is perfect. But after a while the vibration started shaking my passenger seat more and more to where it started locking up my seatbelts The vibration is so bad that my front seat is pretty loose now you could move it back-and-forth by hand and started noticing vibrations coming from the dashboard which I’m pretty sure is being rattled loose also. GM claims that this is a recall issue but in all reality it’s a major safety issue and safety violation seatbelts should not be locking up when you’re driving unless you come to a heavy stop or impact and of passengers seats should not vibrated itsself loose from a factory torquing. My four-month-old child rides in my truck with me in a car seat that is the only vehicle I have for me and my family the vibration is gotten so bad that I’m getting scared to put my kids in my truck.

  • foogie

    bought a 97 gmc sierra 2500 7.4l and it is smooth. best truck i ever owned yes bad mpg of course but the only vehicle ive ever felt that shake in was a 97 blazer so i dug some books out and found what the issue answer : not enough molly hatchet