Someone Designed an Actual Car for 5 to 10-Year-Old Kids

Someone Designed an Actual Car for 5 to 10-Year-Old Kids

A company has designed a car for real young drivers.

Young Driver Motor Cars Limited, a division of Young Driver, is looking for testers to try out the very first car designed specifically for 5 to 10 year olds. The two-seater has been in development for nine months and features a pair of electric motors, disc brakes, independent suspension, right- or left-hand-drive steering and an innovative system that detects obstacles to stop the car from collisions. Chris Johnson, who has more than 30 years of experience in automotive and product design, designed this vehicle.

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The car will be able to reach speeds up to 10 mph and parents will be able to use a remote control to stop the car if necessary. The company said that the car will officially launch in May 2016 and youngsters will be able to drive it at selected Young Driver locations across the U.K. Road systems will also be created so that young drivers can try their hand at everything from maneuvering, intersections and traffic lights to reversing and parking.

Young Driver is the U.K.’s largest provider of pre-17 driving lessons and has delivered over 300,000 lessons to 10-17 year olds at over 40 venues across the country.