Top 10 Best Automakers in Customer Satisfaction for 2016: J.D. Power

Top 10 Best Automakers in Customer Satisfaction for 2016: J.D. Power

Overall customer satisfaction with dealer service rose in 2016.

The J.D. Power 2016 Customer Service Index (CSI) Study has been released and the mass market brand average rose to 797 from 792 last year. Customer satisfaction with dealer service related to an automotive recall, however, has declined for the first time in six years. The drop in satisfaction this year comes on the heels of a record number of recalls with more than 51 million vehicles recalled in 2015. According to the study, customers getting recall work done are less likely to have their vehicles returned to them cleaner and with the same settings as when they brought it in. They were also less likely to be contacted by the dealer after the service was completed.

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The study is based on responses from more than 72,000 owners or lessees of 2011 to 2015 model year vehicles and is based on a 1,000-point scale.

10. Smart


This year, Smart slides in above the mass market average with a score of 804. Last year, the automaker was not included in the ranking due to a non-representative sample.

9. Volkswagen


Volkswagen might be dealing with the diesel scandal at the moment, but at least its customers are leaving happy after receiving service on their vehicles. Unfortunately, the German automaker dropped several ranks compared to last year, earning a score of 805 in the 2016 study. Last year, Volkswagen finished third with a score of 818.

8. Toyota


Toyota’s overall score rose to 809 in this year’s study, but it dropped several ranks compared to 2015, when it finished in sixth place with a score of 805.

7. Kia


Kia moves up a spot to seventh place with a score of 811. Last year, the Korean automaker finished eighth with a score of 798.

6. Nissan


Nissan improved in this year’s study, rising from 10th place in 2015 to sixth. This year it has a score of 813 compared to last year’s 796.

5. Hyundai


Hyundai continues to enjoy success in all aspects of its business, improving its CSI ranking to fifth place from seventh in 2015. This year it scored 814, an improvement from last year’s 803.

4. Chevrolet


Chevrolet remains steady towards the top of the list, improving to fourth place after finishing fifth last year. It earned a score of 818 in the 2016 study, a jump from 807 in 2015.

3. GMC


Once again, GMC edges out Chevrolet by finishing third with a score of 830. Last year, the stablemate also bested Chevy for fourth place with a score of 811.

2. Buick


In 2015, Buick was the top finisher with a score of 836. Although it improved with a score of 849 in 2016, it wasn’t enough to claim the top spot.



Sitting atop the list this year is MINI with a score of 858. The British automaker had a close battle with Buick in last year’s study scoring 834.

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  • I honestly cannot believe that Cheve actually defeated Volkswagen, Nissan and Toyata. But I guess that’s just me who only likes Asian car makers except Volkswagen. GMC….I hate their logo let alone the thought of buying their car 🙂