Top 10 Worst Automakers in Customer Satisfaction for 2016: J.D. Power

Top 10 Worst Automakers in Customer Satisfaction for 2016: J.D. Power

Not all automakers offer the same level of customer service when it comes to getting your car fixed or maintained.

The J.D. Power 2016 Customer Service Index (CSI) Study measures customer satisfaction with dealer service and this year’s results are in. Based on responses from more than 72,000 owners and lessees of 2011 to 2015 model year vehicles, the study found that overall customer satisfaction went up in the mass market segment. Using a 1,000-point scale, this year’s mass market average is 797, up from last year’s 792.

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10. Honda


This year, Honda finished below the industry average with a score of 789. Last year, the Japanese automaker was above the average with a score of 796.

9. Mazda


Mazda continues to be a poor performer when it comes to customer satisfaction with dealership service, managing a score of 786. It is, however, an improvement compared to last year’s score of 779.

8. Mitsubishi


Mitsubishi is turning things around in the U.S. by focusing on electrified powertrains in crossover and SUV models, but it might want to focus on customer satisfaction. This year, the automaker finished with a score of 785, the exact same as last year.

7. Scion


Considering Toyota finished in the top 10, it will be interesting to see if the service translates over now that the Scion brand is dead and being merged with its parent company. This year, Scion managed a score of 780, fairly consistent with last year’s 777.

6. Ford


Ford may have the best-selling pickup in the country, but customers aren’t leaving dealerships satisfied. This year, the American automaker scored 777, just slightly better than last year’s 776 score.

5. Chrysler


Entering the bottom five, you will see some familiar brands if you follow J.D. Power’s CSI over the years. Chrysler netted a score of 775 this year, identical to last year, where it finished in the exact same spot.

4. Dodge


Dodge however, managed to improve from 749 to 754 and jumped two spots to be the fourth-worst automaker when it comes to customer satisfaction.

3. Fiat


And then there’s Fiat, which dropped a rank to third-worst with a score of 747. The Italian automaker finished last year with a score of 762, making it the fourth-worst automaker in 2015.

2. Jeep


Are you noticing a trend yet? The second-worst automaker in this year’s study is Jeep, yet another brand under the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) umbrella. The SUV maker scored 744 compared to last year’s 740, and dug itself away from being the worst automaker on the list, which it was last year.

1. Ram


Surprise! The worst automaker is also another FCA brand, with Ram finishing dead last with a score of 728. Last year, FCA’s truck arm was third-worst with a score of 756. Maybe FCA might want to reconsider and focus on customer satisfaction, but unfortunately, FCA tends to not fare well in many J.D. Power studies and it has a lot to work on.

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  • I agree with all of them except top 3. They are one of the best affordable Sedan providers 🙂

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    ford; great cars, shitty salesmen & mechanics

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    J.D. Power is a joke.