Toyota Corolla iM and Yaris iA are the Brand’s New Adopted Scion Models


Scion is leaving its cars orphaned, and besides the soon to be cancelled tC, Toyota is adopting the dead brand’s three other models and giving each a new name. 

When the Scion iA becomes a Toyota this summer, it will be the Yaris iA, while the Scion iM (pictured above) is becoming the Corolla iM. The iM is actually the Toyota Auris which is sold in global markets, but underneath it is a Corolla hatchback, which makes sense of the name.

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The new name for the Yaris iA sedan is a little murky, as this car is really a rebagded Mazda2 and shares nothing in common with the current Toyota Yaris, which is available in both two- and four-door hatchback form. The Yaris iA is exclusively offered as a sedan.

No other changes for these cars were announced and none are expected considering both of these cars are new on the market this year. The Corolla iM will be offered with a 1.8-liter four-cylinder sending  137 horsepower to a CVT or a six-speed manual while the Yaris iA comes with a 106-hp 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine hooked up to a six-speed manual or an automatic with the same amount of gears.

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  • While the Auris/iM/Corolla iM was always basically a Corolla, they should have just called it the Prodigal. 😉

  • smartacus

    won’t Yaris iA cannibalize sales from the Corolla sedan?

  • Enthusiast

    Yaris iA is smaller than Corolla sedan

  • smartacus

    But that’s my point exactly.
    Some people will reject the Corolla for the smaller and more efficient Yaris iA.
    -i know that’s fine because either way, the sale is going to Toyota.

    But Corolla has to fight to keep the top sales crown in its category against Civic and Focus and Elantra.

  • Enthusiast

    I don’t see any reason why would anyone who can afford corolla buy yaris because is smaller wehicle in every sense of that word and difference in the cost is not big enough factor if you need corolla size wehicle. And if some people decide to buy yaris over corolla, corolla iM will boost sales numbers for corolla and corolla will again keep the top sales crown. 🙂

  • Carol Tea

    Or the Runx

  • Carol Tea


  • Resurrecting that name might work in the Asia/Pacific Rim, but the North American market would be even more confused by it than it already is.

    Also, “Prodigal” was a joke. 😉

  • Howie

    At least in Canada, Yaris Sedan (Scion iA) is sold only fully loaded, carrying a price tag higher than many trims of Corolla (contrary to Yaris hatch). Not to mention it is less spacious and not really better in MPG. Since it overlap in price, I don’t think it overlap in market (for now) : fancy small car VS mainstrem econobox.

  • smartacus

    Previous generations of Yaris sedan were not a Mazda2 though.

    But you’re right, calling the Auris the Corolla iM will indeed hedge against sales cannibalization

  • smartacus

    i don’t know why they do that. But then again; i don’t know why they sold the less spacious and not reallky better MPG Scion iQ

  • patstar5

    Is the scion/Toyota iM the successor to the Toyota Matrix? Looking for a car similar to my Pontiac vibe which I recently wrecked. I know the Matrix was the vibe’s twin. The yaris seems smaller than it.