VW to Let Go 3,000 Office Workers in Germany

VW to Let Go 3,000 Office Workers in Germany

Volkswagen has plans to cut up to 3,000 office jobs by the end 2017 to help offset the cost of the diesel emissions scandal. 

This information comes from an unnamed source within the company though no other details were offered on the job cuts. A VW spokesman did comment to Automotive News, saying that “the Volkswagen brand has initiated an efficiency program that is affecting all areas, including personnel costs.”

Some of the specific areas where costs can be cut include reducing work contracts, filling vacancies internally and hiring fewer people.

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The brand has already announced that it will cut investment by 1 billion Euros in 2016 and will cease production of unprofitable models to help save costs.

A U.S. Justice Department Lawsuit may end of costing Volkswagen up to $46 billion alone, while legal costs and falling sales are all hurting the brand.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • Danny Tse

    So what about those within VW who are directly involved in the cheating software fiasco? I know some of them quit, like VW’s previous CEO, but shouldn’t those who were in the decision-making chain be the ones who get the punishment? Or do they get a “bonus” instead for shafting VW and its other employees?

  • Frank Yoster

    VW u suck big time…u punish ur workers…but dont punish the ppl who created this prob! Euros these days….smh