Watch a Driver Survive a Four-Story Crash in an Audi Q5


A driver is lucky to be alive after their Audi Q5 fell four stories from a parking garage and landed on its roof.

The incident occurred in Baltimore and involved 23-year-old Lindsay Taylor Cook, who was parking her Audi Q5 when she drove it through a concrete barrier and fell four stories to the sidewalk below. Fortunately, no one was walking on the sidewalk when the car fell and Cook escaped with only minor injuries. As this incident proves, there’s a good reason for roof strength crash test standards and regulations!

Although Cook was not seriously injured in the crash, she was transported to Sinai Hospital for treatment.

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Security cameras on the building captured footage of the falling SUV and currently it’s unclear if she will face any charges for the crash, which remains under investigation.

[Source: Daily Mail]

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  • kimbentsen

    Serious ad for Audi. They should give her a new Q5.

  • johhny

    And some parking lessons!!

  • craigcole

    The first practical application of the stringent roof-crush standard. I bet we all feel much safer now.

  • Eco Bust

    The driver was a 23 year old female? Ten bucks says her attention was on sending a text or making a call.

  • Chris Daigle

    To be honest, it fell on the end which took the brunt of the impact and then back onto the roof. But it is still very impressive.