Tesla Model 3 Teased. . . and Possibly Leaked?

Tesla Model 3 Teased. . . and Possibly Leaked?

Tesla has revealed a teaser image of the upcoming Model 3 and confirmed the exact date it will be revealed.

Sitting next to the Model S and Model X, the new Model 3 in the teaser photo is under a black shroud to hide its new looks. Based on just the small bit of the front end that we can see, the Model 3 appears to be a sedan much like the Model S.

Along with the teaser, Tesla invited existing owners to enter in a draw for tickets to the “intimate event,” where the Model 3 will be revealed on March 31st..

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Tesla wants the Model 3 to be its first mass-market car and will price it at around $35,000. Deliveries of the car are expected to begin in late 2017. Its all-electric driving range will be key to its success, and Tesla says we can expect around 250 miles.

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story claimed that the Model 3 was “clearly a good deal smaller” than the Model S. Upon reviewing the teaser further, this was removed from the story. 

Tesla Model 3 Leak?


In an e-mail to AutoGuide sister site TheTruthAboutCars, a person who claims to be a Tesla employee sent the image you see above, claiming to have accessed a colleague’s computer and taken this photo of a photo.

We responded to the claimed insider looking for more details or a way to confirm his or her identity, though as of publication time we have not heard back, so view the image above with a grain of salt. The teaser image from Tesla also makes this leak hard to believe based on the proportions of the car seen under the black sheet.

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If it is true, the leaked image suggests that the Model 3 will be more of a Mazda5 look-a-like than a small sedan. It appears as though the falcon wing doors from the Model X crossover are also present on this car.

We will know for sure if this photo is the real deal on March 31, when the Model 3 is officially revealed.

Update: Tesla spokesman Khobi Brooklyn confirmed that the leaked image is not the Model 3. Check back on March 31 to see the real car. 

  • Unh1ng3d

    Actually, if you lay the outline of the “Model 3” over the S in that teaser image, you would see they are identical…NOT “clearly a good deal smaller than” it.

  • Davn8r

    In fact – I would bet that the silhouette IS actually a Model S – the outlines are exactly the same.

  • oic

    I hope model 3 does look like this because I love to have a large front screen

  • WeaponZero

    Of course that is not the Model 3, just look at the door design. It is same design as Falcon wing doors. Which are aimed at CUVs/SUVs, not sedans. If they claimed that was the Model Y that would have been one thing, but it was a dead giveaway that couldn’t be a Model 3.

  • ScottBerfield

    Model X shot Photoshopped. Pretty obvious.

  • Yup. Exact silhouette of the Model S. Check it in Photoshop and you’ll see they’re identical. This is not the “Model 3 under a shroud” but a simple placeholder/outline taken from a Model S. Tesla isn’t showing any cards. I like the “leaked” picture but that is not likely to be real as it has falcon wing doors which are not likely to be offered on the initial version of the Model 3. We still really have no idea what the Model 3 is going to look like but I expect it to have traditional doors. I’m hoping it has some really sleek lines to make it even more aerodynamic than the S. If the Model Y looks like that picture, I’d be pleased. But we’ll have a while to wait for that one.

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    Whether it’s real or fake….there are definitely some meetings going on over at the Tesla offices right now about this.

  • YOLO

    That is the model X their SUV version of the Model S.

  • dan747

    Uglier than ugly!

  • Michael Anonymous

    Tesla would never sell a Bolt/Leaf-Class-car for $ 35.000,–. For this they wouldn’t have needed the Gigafactory. Believe me, Model 3 won’t be a typical 2nd car. It will be a real car.