2016 Kia K900 Gets Exclusive LTE-Powered Telematics and Infotainment System

The 2016 Kia K900 is the first and only vehicle to benefit from Kia’s UVO Luxury Services.

As the next iteration of the Korean automaker’s UVO infotainment and telematics system, UVO Luxury Services will be exclusive to the flagship sedan, adding premium features and functions such as Local Search by Google, remote vehicle command and control as well as a dealership appointment system, all powered by LTE connectivity.

The UVO Luxury Services app can be downloaded onto any Apple iOS or Google Android device from their respective stores, while users can log into a web portal to enable direct communication to their vehicle, accessing features like remote start/stop, remote preconditioning of the cabin temperature and remote lock/unlock through the UVO app. Also integrated into the UVO Luxury Services app is a full suite of My Car Zone features including curfew and speed alerts, Geofence settings and Local Search powered by Google.

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UBO Luxury Services is available at no cost for the first five years of ownership with no subscription necessary.

“We are taking the UVO platform to yet another level of enhancement for the Kia customer by enabling drivers and passengers to use all of their personal technologies more safely and easily, while creating exceptional user experiences,” said Henry Bzeih, chief technology strategist, KMA.

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