2019 Honda Fit Rumored to Receive 1.0L Turbo Engine, Hybrid Powertrain

2019 Honda Fit Rumored to Receive 1.0L Turbo Engine, Hybrid Powertrain

The next-generation 2019 Honda Fit will reportedly receive a turbocharged engine and hybrid variant.

A Japanese publication has rendered what it believes the 2019 Honda Fit will look like, gaining similar styling elements found in newer Honda models. It also reported that the fourth-generation Honda Fit will likely be outfitted with a 1.0-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine, which could be sourced from the European Civic sporting 127 horsepower. Another possibility is a hybrid variant sporting a 1.5-liter i-VTEC four-cylinder engine paired with the Japanese automaker’s i-MMD system.

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The magazine also believes that the new Honda Fit will lose around 66 pounds from its weight. As for its design, the front end resembles the new Civic, which isn’t a surprise, as Honda is working on standardizing its design language across the lineup. The “Solid Wing Face” can be seen with a silver element on the front grille and sharper LED headlights. Minor changes can be seen on the front bumper as well.

The third-generation Honda Fit was introduced as a 2015 model year, so it’s also a possibility that Honda will give the model a facelift rather than a whole new generation come 2019.

[Source: Paul Tan]

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  • smartacus

    1.0T would have mo’ torque than the 1.5
    and i wonder how they found 66lbs of extraneous weight to shed

  • Cody Beisel

    Put the 1.5t from the civic in it with the jdm spec 205hp 195fpt and call it the fit si. Equip it nicer the the Fiesta st and give it styling similar to the type r. Here ya go Honda a poor man’s type r and a real affordable hot hatch. Hell even dumping in the 2.0l with 158hp would wake this car up!

  • davidjmcclelland

    Current Fit loses to Civic in all aspects, is sitting in lots. Facelift won’t do. My 2009 is faster, rides better, gets better mpg, looks better, cost 1/2 used. Honda you can do better!

  • mingju

    I recently bought the 2016 Honda Fit. I drive with a light foot and get about 34 city but 51 highway. I love the styling, the leg and headroom front and back and the fact that for such a small car it can haul so much.

    It’s a great little car.

  • mingju

    I prefer the fit.

  • Nice Twits

    Probably more like 25lbs less. ~25% less engine weight but added weight of the turbo makes it a wash.

  • Jack Spratt

    Agree on all counts. Much better use of space and weight than Civic. My gf and & have taken two 1,700 mi trips in mine and love it. At freeway speeds we averaged 42mpg, and 50-55 on secondary roads. Took the windshield wipers off. Much quieter and 3-5mpg better mileage.

    With new 3M Crystalline film my FIT looks cool and is cool – even in 120 degree deserts weather.

    I would LOVE an SI version of my FIT with the turbo version of the 1.5L engine, and 6-way power seats both driver and passenger sides up front. Comm’on Honda, pimp my ride!

  • Jack Spratt

    Now way your Civic gets better gas mileage. Fit looks better, is much more versatile in handling various loads, and is faster too.

  • davidjmcclelland

    @Jack Spratt I drive a Fit. I don’t have a Civic. A new Civic is a much better deal than a new Fit. The relatively poor resale value of the Fit changed the balance in it’s favor when I shopped for used.

  • Jack Spratt

    Yes! Living in the high desert N of LA, and traveling to NM, AZ, TX where altitudes along I-40 run 3-7k right along I’d LOVE to have my FIT turbo-ed. How about a sweet 6-speed manual and very reserved styling so I can do some racing and let the other guy get the ticket?