5 Surprising Cars that Cost More Than a Tesla Model 3

5 Surprising Cars that Cost More Than a Tesla Model 3

The highly anticipated Tesla Model 3 was partially revealed, sending the automotive world into a frenzy.

One of the most significant aspects of this new Tesla is that it is meant to be a high-volume seller with an affordable price — it’s much cheaper than any Tesla that came before it, and it’s within a normal car shopper’s budget.

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Starting at $35,000 before any government rebates, taxes, fees or incentives, the Tesla Model 3 seems like a huge bargain when you realize these oddball cars are more expensive.

Fiat 500 Cabrio Abarth

2015 Fiat 500c Abarth-main

A fully loaded Fiat 500 Cabrio Abarth with a good amount of upgrades and options came up to $35,574. Yes, it’s the most fun Fiat you can buy and it would sound a lot better the the silent whirr of a Tesla Model 3, but its lack of practicality and zero-to-60-time of 6.9 seconds can’t beat Elon Musk’s latest invention, which he says will do the sprint in less than six seconds.

Ford C-Max Energi

Ford C-Max Energi

A well-equipped Ford C-Max Energi with a few options came up to $36,240 before incentives, which means that if we kitted it out even more, the price could climb even higher. This plug-in hybrid gets only 38 mpg combined and 19 miles of all-electric range, which the Tesla will drive circles around because it doesn’t use any gas and promises a 215-mile range.

We would understand now if Ford wanted to discontinue its slow-selling plug-in hybrid.

Volkswagen Eos


Probably one of the lamest cars available right now, the VW Eos is being discontinued this year. Pricing starts at $36,145 and tops out at more than $42,000, which is nuts when you think that you can have a Tesla for less than that.

Buick LaCrosse

2016 Buick LaCrosse

A mid-range Buick LaCrosse with all-wheel drive starts at $39,830. Yawn. Powered by a 3.6-liter V6 with 304 horsepower, the sedan isn’t a slow poke and it’s pretty well-equipped, but saying “I drive a Buick” somehow doesn’t have the same zing as saying “I drive a Tesla.”

Dodge Grand Caravan


A topline Dodge Grand Caravan with a few options came up to $36,220. Sure, the Tesla Model 3 can’t hold seven people, but it’s really no contest when when consider that these two cars are on the complete opposite side of the cool spectrum.

  • Nordschleife

    The Eos like the Goddess of Dawn it’s named after refuses to die.

  • Lee Gilbert

    Great, what happens after the battery runs down? And the federal subsidy for these cars runs out. What an irrelevant car for other than urban uses!

  • Reckoning Day

    Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff ~~~~~

  • Alex P

    How is this any different from gasoline and diesel? All vehicles have associated maintenance costs.