Bentley’s Holographic Butler is the Coolest Thing About Driverless Cars

Bentley’s Holographic Butler is the Coolest Thing About Driverless Cars

Bentley envisions its vehicles of the future as being fully autonomous and having a holographic butler.

The British automaker let its imagination go wild with its “Future of Luxury” concept, which doesn’t even have space for a driver. Instead, the interior of the car has been transformed to have two comfortable sofas and a meeting table in the center, meaning the car has no steering wheel, no pedals and even no seat belts. Bentley imagines that automotive design will one day center on the idea that self-driving cars will be accident-free.

According to Evo, the British automaker showed off the idea at a small event in London, with the company’s director of design, Stefan Sielaff saying the interior concept isn’t as far-fetched as you might believe, especially if you’re a Bentley owner that is used to having a chauffeur. “After all, perhaps we invented the concept of autonomous driving.”

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Along with the holographic projection of a butler serving as the primary interface with the vehicle, Bentley also incorporated sleek screens on the traditional wood panels. Sielaff explained at the event that the technology is “closer to reality than you may think,” showing off a transparent screen that was 0.5 mm thick that was capable of playing a high-resolution video.

He also revealed that Bentley intends to offer stone as an interior option in the near future as well as “protein leathers and textiles that will appeal to those with a vegan lifestyle,” similar to what Tesla recently added to its lineup.

[Source: Evo]

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