Ken Block’s Rallycross Ford Focus RS RX Looks Ready to Wreak Havoc

Ken Block’s newest race car has been fully revealed and it looks ready to wreak havoc.

Called the Ford Focus RS RX, Block took to social media last week to give us a preview of the new Rallycross contender and for the 2016 race season, he will be joined by teammate Andreas Bakkerud. Hoonigan Racing has finally revealed the livery created for both race cars designed by Felipe Pantone and it’s as unique and distinct as you would expect from the team.

It’s not surprising that Block’s livery is “louder” than Bakkerud’s, considering Block is always at the center of attention thanks to his world-famous Gymkhana videos.

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We first got a glimpse of the new Ford Focus RS RX racer at the end of Gymkhana 8, sporting 600 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque, allowing it to go zero-to-60 mph in under two seconds. We can’t wait to see the pair of race cars in action at the FIA World Rallycross Championship that kicks off on April 16 in Portugal.

Oh yeah, naturally, there’s a bunch of lifestyle accessories to go along with the livery, if you’re a die-hard Hoonigan Racing fan and want to show your support at the events.

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