Feature Focus: A Rundown of the BMW 7 Series’ Super Fancy Technology


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A lot of cars claim to be technologically advanced, but when it comes to the 2016 BMW 7 Series, things are taken to another level completely.

Of course, like any good flagship luxury sedan, the new 7 Series comes with all the expected technology like adaptive cruise control, head-up display, highly adjustable front power seats and a heated steering wheel. But from there, things get a bit crazy.

Available items include BMW’s night vision system, active steering, an on-board WiFi hotspot, dual digital display screens up front and 360 view cameras. The driver can also use gesture controls to control basic infotainment system functions. Because pushing actual buttons? That’s for plebes!

2016 BMW 7 Series

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To keep occupants amused, there’s a 1,400-watt Bowers & Wilkins diamond sound system that includes 16 speakers, many of which can be backlit for a bit of added flair at night. And while on the topic of lighting, fully customizable accent lighting is available as well a sky lounge LED roof that has thousands of LED lights built into the dual moon roof.

The Rear Seat is King

Rear seat passengers can be entertained by dual seat back entertainment screens that can also be used to control many of the car’s primary functions. There is also a seven-inch touchscreen between the two rear seats that operates many of the same functions. Best of all, it’s actually a fully functioning removable Android tablet as well, so you can use it to check your emails or play Angry Birds.

2016 BMW 7 Series Interior

Of course, many of these features are included with the executive seating package that turns the right rear seat into a first-class airline cabin, complete with a fold-out table and a footrest. It, like the other three seats includes heat, ventilation and massage functions. The rear seats even include BMW’s Vitality program that utilizes the rear display screens and massage motors to create a mild workout routine.

If all of this isn’t quite enough rear-seat comfort, there’s also powered sun shades for both rear doors and the rear window, four zone climate control and heated front and rear armrests available. The 7 Series rides on an adjustable air suspension to filter out most road imperfections and all of the doors include soft close motorized technology.

But we’re still not done yet. Completing the uber luxurious 750i are three over the top features. First there’s the ambient air package that allows occupants to spritz one of two scents into the cabin at varying levels of strength. Then there’s the massive display key that includes a mini touchscreen to relay various amounts of information and control to the driver when not at the car. And finally, in some markets, the 7 Series can park itself into a garage remotely without anyone actually being inside the car.

With all of this technology, why would anyone ever want to get out of the car though?

Watch our full review of the BMW 7 Series below:

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  • Christopher Schaffer

    lol…da fuk?

  • It’s a lovely living room. I hear it comes with a car!

  • smartacus

    it’s getting harder to think up new exclusive features.
    perhaps a distance to forward object meter for the HUD?
    -nah, the next big thing will probably be 40,000 mile engine oil service interval or something.

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