Ferrari Plans to Open a Theme Park in North America

Ferrari Plans to Open a Theme Park in North America

Ferrari plans on opening a theme park in North America.

A recent Bloomberg report that details Ferrari’s attempts at becoming a luxury lifestyle brand reveals that the Italian automaker has experienced success with its first amusement park in Abu Dhabi called Ferrari World. Next year, Ferrari Land will open in Barcelona, Spain, and a third park is currently being developed in China. A fourth theme park is reportedly being planned for North America, although its timeframe is unclear and there’s no indication that an official announcement is imminent.

This isn’t the first time Ferrari has mentioned a possible theme park in North America with the company’s IPO filing last year saying, “In the long-term we aim to open one theme park in each of the main geographic areas where we operate, including North America.”

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The automaker has moved quickly on its theme parks, however, initially signing the agreement on Ferrari Land in Spain in 2014 and two years later, it is nearly complete. The announcement for a park in China was made quickly after the IPO reveal.

According to World Travel Awards, Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi was voted the Middle East’s leading tourist attraction of 2015.

[Source: Bloomberg, The Drive]

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  • smartacus

    Hey i know a good place to build it.
    There is a plot of land in Volusia County just South of Daytona Beach that would be perfect for development.
    It is around 60 acres in size, close to I-95, and near two International Airports.

  • Would people be willing to go all the way there from Orlando, though? I live in Tampa, and while Busch Gardens gets millions of visitors annually, it’s been here in one form or another since 1959, and thus had nearly six decades to build a reputation (during which time it also gradually evolved from a beer garden to a modern theme park and AZA-accredited animal preserve, though the animals are gradually being re-homed due to costs and treatment concerns).

  • smartacus

    that’s a very important question. Would visitors be willing to go all the way there from Orlando?
    Are the Daytona events of Daytona 24 Hours, Daytona 500, Bike Week, BBW, Spring Break, BCR, and Biketoberfest enough to get some real out-of-state traffic there?

    Would locals from Sun Coast, First Coast, Treasure Coast, Gold Coast, Orlando, Lakeland, Ocala, and Cracksonville all be willing to drive there?

    **Its exciting to think about but, yeah they will probably just build it somewhere close to the Circuit Of The America’s anyway.

  • Point taken, but those events are destinations in and of themselves, and seasonal. It seems unlikely to me that if people are going to Bike Week, or to Spring Break outside Orlando (after all, people also go to Miami and Ft. Lauderdale for Spring Break, and those places are nowhere near Orlando), that they’re going there via Orlando. They might, but it’s less likely.

    As to your point about in-state versus out-of-state, I think a Ferrari park would probably be best off courting people from WAY out of state…like Dubai.

    It does occur to me that Daytona is about 30 miles closer to Orlando than Tampa is. Still…

  • smartacus

    i hear you about college kids on Spring Break, especially with up and coming places like Panama City. But events like Bike Week, BBW, Biketoberfest, Daytona 500 bring people who drive there.

    i know it’s ultimately not gonna be some parcel of land i was talking about, but it was kinda fun contemplating it.