Ford Isn’t Chasing Tesla with a 200-Mile Electric Car

Ford Isn’t Chasing Tesla with a 200-Mile Electric Car

Ford isn’t working to build a Tesla Model 3 competitor, at least not in the near future. 

Speaking with Automotive News, Kevin Layden, Ford’s director of electrification programs and engineering, said that the brand’s upcoming 2017 Focus Electric, which will have 100 miles of range, should be enough to satisfy most consumers. Keeping the car’s range at 100 miles also allows Ford to use smaller batteries, keeping weight and cost at a minimum according to Layden.

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Tesla has promised its Model 3 will have at least 215 miles of range, while the Chevrolet Bolt, which arrives this fall, will be able to drive up to 200 miles on a single charge. The next-generation Nissan Leaf is also targeting a 200-mile range.

In late 2015, Ford announced a $4.5 billion investment into electrification, saying that about 40 percent of its entire lineup will have an electric propulsion element by 2020. The investment includes fully electric cars, though Ford says that it see the most growth coming from plug-ins.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • John Jaeger

    My olde timey gas powered car goes 550 miles without stopping.

  • Bert

    Mine goes barely 200.

  • I can’t wait to plug my Focus or Bolt into a Ford or GM supercharger station! Lol can’t wait for my Tesla to get here in 2018.

  • serge delinois

    My old timey flip phone lasted weeks on a single charge. I have to charge my iPhone every night. Thank god I don’ use that flip phone anymore.

  • eric martin

    my ICE car goes 250

  • Mike

    Yeah but it doesn’t even drive itself on the highway…. You should sell that relic or put it in a museum. I mean you don’t see me out driving my horse to the mall….