Hacking a Car Could Get You Life in Prison

Hacking a Car Could Get You Life in Prison

Hacking a car could result in serious jail time, thanks to new bills introduced in the Michigan Senate.

Car hacking became the center of attention when Wired published a story last year showing hackers remotely disabling a Jeep Cherokee while it drove on a St. Louis highway. Although the hack was an intentional test on behalf of the publication, it exposed flaws in the Jeep’s wireless systems. Earlier this year in February, Nissan found that its NissanConnect EV app could be remotely controlled as well.

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Senators Mike Kowall, R-White Lake, Ken Horn and R-Frankenmuth sponsored the first of what is expected to be numerous bills that would regulate Michigan’s emerging connected and autonomous vehicle industry. Under the bills introduced, life in prison would be on the table for hacking a car. Essentially it would be a felony to “intentionally access or cause access to be made to an electronic system of a motor vehicle to willfully destroy, damage, impair, alter or gain unauthorized control of the motor vehicle.”

“I hope that we never have to use it,” Kowall said. “That’s why the penalties are what they are. The potential for severe injury and death are pretty high.”

[Source: Automotive News]

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