These Renders of a 2020 Tesla Model S Look Exactly Like a Buick Avista

The Tesla Model S just got a facelift, which led one digital artist to wonder what the next-generation Model S could look like.

The Tesla Model S is likely to get redesigned in the future and it would be fitting if it arrived in the 2020 model year. With that in mind, Theophilus Chin rendered up what he believes the 2020 Tesla Model S could look like, and to us, it resembles the Buick Avista concept. And that’s not a bad thing, considering how well-received the Buick Avista is. But the resemblance is just a bit too uncanny.

Just look at this photo of the Buick Avista below and can you can see EXACTLY how it inspired the render of the Tesla’s back end. Some of the elements look like they were copy and pasted straight from this photo:


What is so interesting about these renders is how well the Buick Avista’s elements fit on the Tesla Model S. The headlights and the front bumper all the way to the rear tail lights have been borrowed from the Avista concept and, somehow, it all flows quite nicely together.

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Even the rear styling elements from the Avista concept blend in with how the existing Tesla Model S looks. While it’s highly unlikely that the 2020 Tesla Model S will actually take elements straight from the Buick Avista concept, it’s nice to imagine which direction Tesla plans on going when the next-generation Model S inevitably debuts.

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