Here’s What the Tesla Model Y Could Look Like


The Tesla Model 3 is no longer a secret, so it’s time to speculate about how Tesla’s next vehicles will look. 

Considering how many preorders the Tesla Model 3 has garnered since it debuted, we wouldn’t expect the Tesla Model Y to make an appearance anytime soon as the American automaker concentrates on ramping up production for its entry-level sedan. Still, the Tesla Model Y is in the pipeline and will likely be built on the same chassis as the upcoming Model 3.

The Model Y is expected to be an entry-level crossover from Tesla, though not much is known about the model.

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Last year CEO Elon Musk did tweet that the Model X’s falcon-wing doors will find their way to another model. Since we have seen the Tesla Model 3 and it doesn’t have falcon-wing doors, a safe bet would be the Model Y. That tweet however was deleted and now that it’s become common knowledge how troublesome the falcon-wing doors were to implement on the Model X, we wouldn’t be surprised if Musk backtracks on that statement.

Given how popular crossovers are in the U.S., an entry-level model priced around $45,000 could be another big hit for Tesla. But first the brand will need to meet expectations with the Model 3.

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  • Oh, good. An electric BMW X6.

  • Shiratori1

    I thought the same thing. I HATE coupe utes so much.

  • craigcole

    Looks like a Model X with proper doors. That front end is still homely.

  • Actually, an electric BMW X4

  • Much, much better. Now I’ll go buy one, then. 😉

  • John Whitney

    Hopefully Tesla will be a bit more creative in making the Y look unique, rather than just an X with standard doors. Hope they bring it out sooner, rather than later, though.

  • 11thIndian

    Model 3 will be approximately 1.5 years from unveiling last March until the first vehicles starting rolling sometime late Summer 2017.

    If the Model Y is going to hit the road in sometime in 2019, then we should expect the first unveiling late 2017 or early 2018.

    They may go early to get preorders down before competitors from BMW and VW start to hit the market in 2019/2020.