Hyundai Sets Up Plans to Make Cars ‘Hyper-Connected’

Hyundai plans to introduce the era of “Car to Life” connectivity.

The Korean automaker has announced a roadmap for connected car development and will collaborate with leading global IT and networking companies to develop its “Hyper-connected and Intelligent Car” concept. Hyundai wants to go beyond just connecting cars to other cars, the office and to the city; it wants to connect cars to life, providing users with a hub of knowledge and the ability to analyze and utilize all information to benefit owners’ lives.

The roadmap announced by Hyundai outlines four main service fields aimed to develop smarter, more intelligent cars that can receive and use data faster than before. For the mid-to-long term, the Korean automaker will focus on a range of key features including smart remote maintenance services, autonomous driving, Smart Traffic and a connected Mobility Hub that provides security and data management for connected cars.

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For example, the smart remote maintenance services would remotely diagnose and troubleshoot vehicle problems before they become apparent. Smart Traffic will have the goal of reducing congestion to help speed up trips while minimizing social costs by considering traffic and road conditions.

In the short-to-mid term, Hyundai will develop technologies related to smartphone connectivity and Smart Home Services. The company also plans to invest in connected car security while its main areas of R&D focus will include in-vehicle networks for high-speed transfer of large amounts of data as well as cloud technology to collect vehicle data.

The company also announced that it is co-developing connected car technologies with global companies through “Open Innovation” collaborations. The connected car roadmap aims to focus on industry-leading research and development that will eventually change the way customers interact with their cars and the world around them.

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