IBM’s Watson Could Help Subaru’s EyeSight Technology

IBM’s Watson Could Help Subaru’s EyeSight Technology

IBM’s Watson supercomputer might best be known for its appearance on Jeopardy, but it could also lend a helping hand in making cars safer.

Subaru parent company Fuji Heavy Industries has partnered with IBM Japan to develop advanced driver assist systems, leveraging its current EyeSight with IBM Japan’s knowledge of data analytics, cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

Working with IBM Japan, Fuji Heavy Industries has developed a system that integrates and manages vast amounts of test image data, allowing engineers to quickly search for and analyze test images. The system, which began operating this month, is expected to lead to improved development efficiency, helping contribute towards more advanced driver assist systems.

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More interesting, however, is that Fuji Heavy Industries and IBM Japan plan to investigate the building of a new system that uses IBM Watson Internet of Things (IoT) for Automotive. Essentially serving as an IoT solution for the automotive industry based on IBM cloud, it could help develop next-generation driver assist systems featuring the latest technologies in the cloud and AI.

Like other automakers, Fuji Heavy Industries is aiming for “zero car accidents” in the future to promote safer roadways.

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