INKAS Sentry Upgrades Make it Tougher Than Ever

INKAS Sentry Upgrades Make it Tougher Than Ever

INKAS armored vehicles has revealed an upgraded version of its already capable Sentry armored personnel carrier (APC). 

The Sentry has been improved in many areas according to the company, including the addition of a new acoustic hailing and warning device to address and deal with crowds. A removable vehicle-mounted barrier is also included to help with crowd control.

A high ballistic protection level ensures that the Sentry can stop rounds from a high-power rifles like an Ak47 or M16.

Depending on each client’s needs, the Sentry can be made into a mobile command center, a command control unit, personnel carrier or medical evacuation vehicles.

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Based on a heavy-duty truck platform, the Sentry gets custom-designed suspension and chassis components to help deal with the added weight of the armor. INKAS says that the new Sentry is more maneuverable and more capable off road.

The Sentry APC is available only to military and other law enforcement agencies around the word. Currently, these vehicles are being used in Africa, Latin America and Asia.