Maybe Jaguar Won’t Kill Off its Wagons After All

Maybe Jaguar Won’t Kill Off its Wagons After All

Don’t organize a funeral for Jaguar’s wagon models just yet.

Recently, the British automaker’s design chief, Ian Callum, made a statement about how the wagon market is shrinking and that “it’s a very difficult market to justify.” That statement led people to believe that Callum was saying that Jaguar plans on killing off its existing wagon models, but Callum has clarified his statement with a tweet. What Callum meant to say was that Jaguar has no plans of developing an XE Sportbrake model and that it doesn’t necessarily mean the XF Sportbrake won’t live on.

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Although he did clarify what he meant to say concerning the existence of a Jaguar XE Sportbrake, one thing still stands true: the wagon market is dying and there’s a strong possibility Jaguar will eventually leave it. For now, there’s still hope that the XF Sportbrake will continue on but don’t expect to see any wagon or Sportbrake variants of future new models.

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  • Jaguar is XK, XJ and such are pipe and slippers riding a rail. Perhaps awd 4 door truck coming? Had XK140, E-type and XJ. All sweet….WAGON? Non merci s’il vous plais.