Koenigsegg Commemorates Prince with a Pair of Purple Supercars


Superstars and supercars go hand in hand, which is probably why Koenigsegg has taken to social media to share its condolences regarding the death of pop idol Prince.

Of course, while Koenigsegg could have just posted a solemn “R.I.P. Prince” status update, the brand went the extra mile and shared not one, but two outrageous looking purple examples of their supercars. Posted on Thursday was a purple CCXR, which received a ton of attention. The CCXR is easily regarded as one of the prettiest supercars ever made and it’s no slouch in terms of performance. A low-slung mid-engined car that sends 1,004 hp and 783 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels means this cars gets to 62 mph in three seconds flat.

Following the strong reception of the boutique supercar maker’s Facebook post, they once again took to social media to share one more tribute to the deceased pop star. Topping its first post, it shared a rendering of a bright purple Regera with the caption ‘Lila Regera’ in Swedish. That’s (sort of) ‘Purple Reign’ in English. The Regera is the brand’s new hypercar, with at least 1,500 hp thanks to a combination of a 5-liter V8 and electric motors. It’s estimated to hit 62 mph in 2.8 seconds, and can reach its top speed of 249 mph in less than 20 seconds.

We’ll all miss Prince, and sure we’re these purple Koenigseggs would have done him proud.

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  • windel Vernon

    The color purple is becoming of both cars but more so of the CCXR. It’s beautiful.