Lost Footage of Paul Walker Driving a Nissan GT-R in Japan Surfaces


A new video has surfaced showing Paul Walker getting behind the wheel of a Mine’s Nissan GT-R during a visit to Japan.

Mine’s is one of the world’s most famous tuners in Japan, specializing in hardcore Skyline and GT-R performance. The company is well known for building some of the craziest GT-Rs throughout history and many Nissan fans will easily recognize its iconic logo.

GT Channel has found lost footage of Walker taking a trip to Japan and visiting Mine’s, where he got an opportunity to get behind the wheel of a built GT-R. It appears that Japanese driver Tarzan Yamada went along for the ride.

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GT Channel also said that proceeds from the video will be donated to the Paul Walker Foundation, which was founded to provide an enduring light on Paul’s spirit, far-reaching goals and spontaneous goodwill.

The video is a good reminder that Walker wasn’t just an actor/celebrity that got involved with cars for the paycheck. Like many of us, he was truly passionate about cars and loved everything about them.

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  • Timmy B

    this isn’t new or lost. the original is 5 years old and 19 million views.

  • Timmy B

    “Paul Walker Visits Famous Nissan Skyline GT-R Tuner Mine’s in Japan”

  • beachbum68

    Must be a slow news day. I can confirm that video was on YouTube for a while now.

  • Scott Steven

    Actually, it is new. We produced a video in 2012 that was about 3 min. We had 8 hours of footage. We discovered it as I literally was throwing a drive into the trash before a move to a new office. We went through and opted to present a more complete version. We had decisions to make since we took Paul, his daughter, and even Roger who he perished with years later. We made the decision NOT to show that considering the timing with lawsuits, and how that would be received by the family. We have asked his daughter if she wants some of the footage for herself.
    So it is actually new content released for the first time.