McLaren is Selling an Incredible Low-Mileage F1


McLaren Special Operations (MSO) Heritage division is looking to sell one of the last F1 supercars ever built. 

This car, chassis number 069, has less than 2,800 original miles on it, and was the 60th McLaren F1 to be built. A carbon black paint job, 17-inch magnesium wheels and a black and red leather interior await the lucky customer who gets to buy this rare supercar.

Powering this beauty is a 6.1-liter V12 that puts down 627 horsepower, a powetrain that allows the F1 to sill hold the title of fastest naturally-aspirated production road car ever built, with top speed pegged at 242 mph.

Purchasing the car also comes along with a number of great extras, including a fitted luggage set, titanium Facom tool kit, the original books and literature and a limited-edition McLaren F1 owner’s watch.

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MSO handles the personalization of McLaren cars along with managing the brand’s classic fleet worldwide.

The exact price being asked for the car was not divulged, though MSO spokesman Dave Eden told us that McLaren does “expect the value to be in-line with the higher price bracket of models sold in recent months, or possibly higher given the concours condition and extremely low mileage of chassis #069.”

Recently, a McLaren F1 LM sold for $13.75 million at auction, so expect this car to be somewhere in that neck of the woods.

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  • smartacus

    and to think Mayweather just blew $6.5Mill on two Bugattis 🙂

    tell you what, if i had the means to acquire this car;
    i’d shove £100,000 into the hands of the McLaren mechanics and say
    mmm…remove the engine and put it right back in “with love”

  • smartacus

    *and to think Mayweather just blew $6.5Mill on two Bugattis 🙂