Next-Generation Honda CR-V Styling Seen in Spy Photos


Honda is testing its new CR-V and these fresh spy photos reveal some of the vehicle’s new styling.

The photos were sent to HondaPro Jason from a fan. They were taken in Gahanna, Ohio, roughly 40 minutes away from Honda’s Marysville assembly plant where the CR-V is built. The photorapher also reports that a 2016 Civic with manufacturer plates was following the camouflaged SUV.

Last time we saw the CR-V, it wore heavy camo on its nose, hiding its redesign. This new set of photos shows the nose clearly, revealing a look that is borrowed from the small HR-V crossover. Interior cues, such as the infotainment touchscreen and dash layout will also be borrowed from the HR-V.

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The new CR-V is also said to be gaining some length to accommodate a seven seat model and it may gain all-wheel drive as standard equipment. Both of these moves will help Honda differentiate its larger crossover from the new small model. High-end luxury models are also expected from the new CR-V.

Engine options are still unknown, though a hybrid option is rumored to join the lineup.

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  • Thomas Bondan Tyas

    such as Honda BR-V were blown so big

  • Dave

    I have owned a couple CRV’s and very happy with both, Honda has gotten the last of my money with the introduction of the CVT transmission to the CRV in 2015, our last CRV we bought was a 2014 with a normal transmission that will last the life of the engine, I guess a Toyota 4runner will be our next SUV when we are done with the 2014 CRV. If you have any doubts as to the longevity and reliability of the CVT transmission just google it, you will be amazed.

  • windel Vernon

    Restyling already? Some people are gonna be pissed if their new car starts looking old two years after purchase.