One in Four Drivers Would Sleep in a Self-Driving Car: Survey

One in Four Drivers Would Sleep in a Self-Driving Car: Survey

A recent survey has revealed what people would do if they had a self-driving car.

What Car? conducted a survey and found that 26 percent of motorists would feel comfortable enough to take a nap in an autonomous vehicle, although 51 percent of those surveyed said they would feel unsafe or very unsafe in a self-driving car.

Almost half (45 percent) found the idea of self-driving cars very unappealing. Still, 32 percent said road trips would be more enjoyable in a self-driving car, while 18 percent cited city driving as an appealing option for autonomous vehicles. When it comes to sitting in a traffic jam, 49 percent said they wouldn’t have any issues having a self-driving car take over.

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Of those surveyed, 34 percent cited their biggest concern with self-driving cars is whether they are capable of avoiding an accident. Perhaps more interesting, 30 percent said their biggest worry was losing the enjoyment of driving.

Other activities that motorists said they would engage in while in a self-driving car included talking to fellow passengers, browsing the Internet and even watching TV.

Self-driving cars are expected to hit the roads by 2020 and numerous automakers are investing heavily into the technology. Some cars already feature semi-autonomous technology, such as Tesla’s AutoPilot software that allows the Model S and Model X vehicles to drive themselves on the highway.

[Source: What Car?]

  • Noe

    Still some years off and will be a bafflement for the law : when you can enjoy driving out for the day and then enjoy having a drink without the concern of driving home because your car will drive you home itself. Perfect

    As long as we don’t get those awful Jonny Cabs from the first ‘total recall’ movie …..

  • Bug S Bunny

    What I would NOT do in a self-driving car: be caught dead. I much prefer to drive myself, thank you.

  • smartacus

    i would NEVER sleep in the driver’s seat of a self-driving car!
    *more space in the passenger seat

  • smartacus

    Passenger seat has more room

  • keha

    yet most people have no problem sleeping in a self-flying plane.