Paul Walker’s Daughter Wins $10.1M Lawsuit Against Estate of Roger Rodas

Paul Walker’s Daughter Wins $10.1M Lawsuit Against Estate of Roger Rodas

Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow has been granted $10.1 million from the estate of Roger Rodas. 

Rodas was driving the Porsche Carrera GT when the car crashed and exploded, killing both Rodas and Walker. “The amount paid by the estate of Roger Rodas into a trust for Meadow Walker only covers a fraction of what her father would have earned as an international movie star had his life not tragically been cut short,” said Meadow’s lawyer Jeff Milam to People. “Through his estate, Mr. Rodas, the driver of the car, took partial responsibility for the crash,” he said.

Earlier this week in a lawsuit against Porsche by the estate of Roger Rodas, a judge ruled that the Porsche Carrera GT was not responsible for the crash. According to Meadow Walker’s lawyer, this doesn’t change the standing of her lawsuit against the German car maker.

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“The issues in the cases are very different,” Milam told Hollywood Reporter. “The federal case was filed on behalf of Roger Rodas, who was the driver of the Porsche Carrera GT and was killed instantly upon impact. Meadow’s father, Paul Walker, was a passenger in the car. He survived the crash but was trapped and burned to death because of the vehicle’s defects. A significant portion of the judge’s decision was based on his rejection of evidence because of missed deadlines and also a failure to sue Porsche AG, the manufacturer. Meadow will continue the fight to hold Porsche accountable for selling a defective product that kills.”

  • Christopher Schaffer

    yes, daddy’s little girl should get money from the driver’s estate. no, the little cunt or the driver should get a goddamned dime from Porsche. “defects” my ass…the only “defects” present were the idiots in the car driving like assholes on a public road.