Porsche Releases New Tires for Classic Models

Porsche Releases New Tires for Classic Models

Porsche has teamed up with Pirelli to create tires specifically for its classic models.

According to Porsche, approximately 70 percent of all its models ever built are still in driveable condition today, but many owners of classic Porsche vehicles have a difficult time finding suitable replacement tires.

To satisfy those classic Porsche owners, the German automaker has worked with Pirelli to develop, test and produce tires properly tuned to specific vehicle generations. These new tires not only match the historic originals in terms of their look and profile design, but incorporates properties of modern tires.

For model years 1959 through 2005, there are 32 new tire recommendations available for Porsche model series 356, Boxster, 911, 924, 928, 944 and 968. The classic tires feature the Porsche “N” certification designator, helping identify that they are part of a special Porsche release.

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During development of the new tires, Porsche tire testers worked together with former world rally champion Walter Röhrl, who provided valuable tips on the driving properties of the tires based on his extensive experience with historic Porsche models. “The driving properties in the early years were not as full or balanced as they are today,” said Röhrl. “The new generation of tyres is more fitting than ever to the driving style of a challenging sports car.”

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