Porsche’s Mid-Engine 960 Supercar to Arrive in 2019

Porsche’s Mid-Engine 960 Supercar to Arrive in 2019

Porsche is reportedly working on an all-new supercar. 

The Porsche 960 will be a mid-engined Ferrari 488 fighter and is slated to show up around 2019. Earlier rumors suggested the car would use a turbocharged flat-six engine, but new patent documents show that a 3.9-liter eight-cylinder quad-turbo boxer engine pumping out at least 650 horsepower will be fitted.

Another patent from the German automaker divulges more about the engine’s technology, including its “VarioCom” variable compression ratio system. Basically, it allows the engine to run a high compression ratio for slow driving when efficiency it key, while the ratio can be lowered at high speed when maximum power is needed.

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Underpinning the car will be Volkswagen’s new modular sports-car platform, which will also support the next-generation Audi R8 and Lamborghini Huracan. Considering both those cars feature all-wheel drive, expect four powered wheels for the 960 as well. For curb weight, Porsche is said to be targeting around 3,000 lbs, even deciding against an all-wheel steering system as it would have added to much weight.

The 960 is expected to debut sometime after the next generation 911.

[Source: CAR]

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  • smartacus

    That horizontal-8 engine can’t be a one-off, or can it?
    Seems like a a lot of cash and CAD for only one model.

    Very very doubtful the flat-8 will also makes its way into the 992 as an option.
    If anything, upcoming 992 will go in the smaller direction
    and borrow the bigger 2.5 flat-4 from the 718 Cayman S

    Or will they decide on a V8 960 last minute?

  • Techtor Gorch

    You don’t really have a driver’s license, do you?

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