Tesla Model 3 Preorders Top 150K

So far, at least 150,000 people have placed reservations on the new Tesla Model 3. 

The car, which was unveiled in concept form at a special event yesterday, won’t be available until 2017, but customers were able to put down deposits of $1,000 USD to reserve a car for them. Reservations were taken in person, with many people lining up for hours to reserve a car, as well as online.

When the unveil event started, orders for the new Model 3 were at around 115,000, while by the time the event was finished, orders had jumped up to 150,000 according to an official tally from Tesla.

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Tesla says that customers can cancel their reservation at any time to receive their money back in full, or they can choose to apply the downpayment towards a Model S sedan or Model X crossover.

Production is scheduled to begin in late 2017, with the Model 3 rolling out to the west coast of North America first and then moving east. Deliveries will then begin in Europe and other right-hand drive markets.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk says that the car will start at $35,000 and will have a range of over 215 miles.

[Source: Tech Crunch]

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