The Best Ultra High-Performance Tires And What They Cost

The Best Ultra High-Performance Tires And What They Cost

  • smartacus

    yes Kumho Ecsta is a capable tire.
    I was an early adopter of Kumho Ecsta way back in 2002 when they burst onto the scene.
    Another tire that deserves mention, i believe, correct me if i’m wrong: Federal 595 EVO.
    They are drifting tires, but they grip so well. In fact i liked them so much i put them on my personal car and they come in all sizes from tiny to wide

  • Clayton Morin

    I’m one that loves the Continental Contact Extreme DW tires and the DWS 06 model on TireRack is 2nd in category, DW actually in a different category. DW is a Summer only tire and DWS is an all season tire. Really grippy tires and last longer than those #1 Bridgestones.

  • Michael

    The Continental DW was probably excluded because it is classified as a “Max Performance” summer tire by Tire Rack and folks. Max typically sits as a tier above the Ultra Highs.
    That, and AutoGuide is a bunch of sponsored dopes that probably haven’t seen a Continental check in a while. 😉

  • James Harry

    I put DWS on my Audi S5 last year and they are still going strong. Love throwing the car into a corner and having that amazing grip.

  • 4u2nvinmtl

    What about Nitto NT05?

  • Ron

    Dunlop, BFG, and Firestone…really? Nittos outclass all of those…this is nothing more than a paid advert.

  • Glen Olah

    Really!!!?! I’m lost for words…. Ummm no mention of the Michelin Pilot Super Sport… What a joke.