The Most Powerful Jaguar F-Type in the World has 650 HP

A company in the United Kingdom has created what it believes is the world’s most powerful Jaguar F-Type.

VIP Design London, a bespoke vehicle tuning and automotive design company, has taken the Jaguar F-Type and outfitted it with a tuning package that brings power output to 650 horsepower and a top speed of more than 200 mph. Helping increase supercharger boost is an uprated supercharger pulley and combined with high-flow air filters and a software upgrade, it helps acceleration and power delivery across the entire powerband. According to the company, its design team spent a full three weeks developing the remap on the dyno.

The package also includes a new suspension that lowers the vehicle by 1.18 inches (30 mm), while stronger suspension parts, joints and rubbers have been fitted to improve responsiveness on the road. The factory exhaust has also been swapped out for a full manifold-back system complete with two different switchable sound levels.

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There are also unique styling elements such as carbon fiber hood vents, front and rear carbon fiber splitters and a uniquely polished carbon fiber rear diffuser. On all four corners, buyers can choose from 24 different aluminum wheels available in 28 different colors.

Jaguar F-Type owners can purchase the package priced from £12,600 ($18,260) or if they’re local to Warwickshire, they can have it installed at the VIP Design Studio.

“Since the Jaguar F-Type was launched, the sleek lines and V8 engine were always going to lend themselves to power upgrades, and appeal to passionate drivers who are never going to settle for stock options,” said managing director Paul Busby. “Our new package has created the most exciting F-Type available in the world and is certain to thrill serious petrol-heads anywhere.”

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