Chinese Electric Car Could Preview What Faraday Future is Developing

Chinese Electric Car Could Preview What Faraday Future is Developing

A Chinese automaker debuted an electric car concept today that could preview what Faraday Future is up to.

For the most part, Faraday Future is still shrouded in mystery after debuting a concept race car earlier this year boasting 1,000 horsepower. Backed by Chinese company LeEco, Faraday Future recently broke ground on its $1 billion facility in Las Vegas and has several ex-Tesla employees serving as executives. But now we might have our first hint at what Faraday Future is really working towards in terms of a production vehicle for the general public.

LeEco unveiled the LeSee earlier today ahead of the 2016 Beijing Motor Show and the concept sedan is designed to be a self-driving car with a fold-away steering wheel. No other important specs about powertrain or range have been released.

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Although details and specifications on the LeEco LeSee are light at the moment, the company did say it will have a theoretical top speed of 130 mph and the front end of the car is a smart screen that can display specific data about the vehicle while it is running.

It remains unclear how LeEco will influence or affect Faraday Future, if at all, but considering both are in the industry of manufacturing and developing vehicles, it’s more than likely they will eventually share technology. The Chinese company is known as “the Netflix of China” and intends to make in-car entertainment an important part of its dive into the automotive world. It is also announced a partnership with Aston Martin in February, with the two working on the all-electric RapidE and LeEco showing off a new infotainment system.

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