Top Gear Adds Companion Show ‘Extra Gear’

Top Gear Adds Companion Show ‘Extra Gear’

Top Gear has announced a new companion show called Extra Gear.

The spin-off show will bring “lots of behind-the-scenes content to your screen for the first time,” Top Gear said in a post. The show will be filmed each week at the Top Gear studio immediately after the main show and will be hosted by Rory Reid. Each episode will run half-an-hour and will feature exclusive new footage, interviews and specially recorded films.

Extra Gear will be broadcasted on BBC Three right after Top Gear airs on BBC Two. BBC confirmed that Extra Gear will also air overseas on BBC America and BBC Brit. They advise to check local listings for details.

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“The Top Gear fans are some of the keenest in the world and with this show I’m giving them a chance to really get a peek behind the curtain,” said host Rory Reid. “I’m looking forward to showing them how the show is made and what goes on behind the scenes, giving viewers a different perspective on some of the coolest cars on the planet.”

The new Top Gear will start airing this May and will be headlined by Chris Evans and former Friends star, Matt LeBlanc.

  • smartacus

    mmm nah, this is not a good idea.
    Top Gear, Top Gear Magazine, and now Extra Gear.
    That’s just a bit too many videos and multimedia to consume.

    That will precipitate a very real Top Gear fatigue