Watch a Stuntman Execute a Perfect Backflip Over a Speeding Formula E Car

Formula E is trying to make a name for itself and the league arranged a pretty outrageous stunt before a race last month in Mexico City. 

Stuntman Damien Walters performed a backflip over a speeding Formula E car, though what is most impressive is that Walters had his back to the car as it approached

To practice, Walters and his team of 30 ran the Formula E car beside him on the track, so he could practice his timing. Walters also had a clock that he could see, so that he could time the stunt properly, assuming the car was traveling at exactly 60 mph.
Forumla E says that the stunt will “further enhance its reputation as the most innovative series in motorsport.”
Check out the full stunt video above and a 360-degree video below.