‘Just pay us less’ says Top Gear Host Chris Evans

‘Just pay us less’ says Top Gear Host Chris Evans

The BBC may be forced to reveal how much it pays its on-air talent, but Top Gear’s new host, Chris Evans has some frank advice for the British Broadcasting Corporation.

“It’s not exactly breaking news,” he said in a brief video clip posted by BBC News, “that people who do what I do for a living compared to people in the real world get paid too much money.”

His solution is as simple as it is difficult to swallow. Evans said, “So, just pay us less.”

The BBC is preparing to submit something called white papers to British Parliament. Evidently, these documents are pretty important, as they will affect the group’s royal charter for the upcoming decade. If Parliament doesn’t like what they see they could change how much funding the BBC receives.

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Rumor has it if their charter changes the BBC could be required to publish the salaries of all employees paid more than £150,000, roughly $217,000 U.S. at today’s exchange rate, a handsome sum to be certain.

The issue here is that if the BBC has to disclose this information it could drive talent away from the organization.

“We’ve got jobs that people would kill for and we get to do things that people would pay to do if they could afford it, and sometimes those things aren’t even available to buy,” said Evans, not even by people making more than £150,000 per year.

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